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Pengqiao 27 May 2023

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Viaggiato in coppia - May 2023
Al is friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful. We really enjoyed our walk with him in the less explored neighbourhoods in Matanzas and learned a great deal from him. Thank you so much, Al and anyone who stops at Matanzas should arrange a tour with him
Matanzas cultura e bellezza
Thomasina 17 Apr 2023

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Viaggiato in gruppo - Apr 2023
We had such a great time with Alfredo (Al)! The meet up location was very easy to find. We had a nice time exploring highlights of Matanzas. It was so nice to talk to someone who was from the area and get the perspective of a true Cuban. He answered all of our questions openly and honestly. He was so easy to talk to, almost like talking to an old friend. The walk did not feel as long as it was, and we were able to see a lot during the tour. In our group of four, there were a mixture of sights that were showed us that were of interest to all of us. He took us to a nice food spot afterwards. While the food selections were limited due to Cuba’s current economic situation, the meal was just what we needed for our hunger and the drinks were very tasty and refreshing!! Highly recommend :)
Matanzas cultura e bellezza
Dimitris 06 Apr 2023

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Viaggiato in gruppo - Apr 2023
Vladimir gave us a new perspective of Cienfuegos. He knew a lot about history both of Cienfuegos and Cuba, also got us into places such as hotels and stuff that were very nice and was no way for us to discover ourselves. Was very helpful and kind and warming. Excellent tour guide. Thanks amigo.
Matanzas cultura e bellezza
Susanne 15 Mar 2023

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Viaggiato in coppia - Mar 2023
Nice tour and good overview about Mantanzas. Al adjusted the tour according to our wishes and gave us good insights. Very punctual and reliable. Visit the pharmacy in Mantanzas if you are in the city.
Matanzas cultura e bellezza
Sahana 28 Jan 2023

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Viaggiato in coppia - Jan 2023
Alfredo was professional and he showed us around the old city along with sharing a few interesting information about Mantanzas. He is very friendly and we could interact with each other very well.
Matanzas cultura e bellezza

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