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Aaron 29 Nov 2023

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Viaggiato da solo - Nov 2023
Xavier is the only and best guide currently giving tours of Piura. He's energetic, extroverted, and easy to talk to and shares his interesting perspective on the society and place as a Spaniard who now lives in Piura and has lived a few other places. He was flexible on start time and way more punctual than me. It speaks much to his passion for doing this that he works a full time job Monday to Friday and will give up part of his weekend to meet some other people interested in history and exploration. It was just me on the tour. His Spanish is charmingly Iberian and not too hard to understand, but pretty distinct from how most people in this part of the world speak it. I'd say expect less of a "tour" and more of a conversation and demonstration, unless he formalizes things a lot right after our experience. He was nice enough to give me a ride in his <<coche>> after the tour through horrific chaotic traffic. If he likes you, he may be able to do the same :)
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