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Nadin 14 Oct 2023

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Viaggiato in gruppo - Oct 2023
It was an amazing walk around the city of Gyumri. If we did this without Vardui it would not be so exciting. She helped us move into the past of this city and learn many interesting facts and stories. We had a wonderful time and were able to feel the atmosphere of this city thanks to the guide. She is a professional historian and just a very nice person! Thank you so much! ❤
Free walking tour di Gyumri
Fernanda 15 Sep 2023

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Viaggiato da solo - Sep 2023
I loved the tour! The guide was a History teacher đź’“
Free walking tour di Gyumri
Maria 05 Sep 2023

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Viaggiato in coppia - Sep 2023
Die Begleirung war sehr engagiert und offen.
Free walking tour di Gyumri
Mark 06 May 2023

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Viaggiato in coppia - May 2023
A great walk around the city. We hit many of the key spots with just the right amount of historical context. Also, we felt like we could ask any questions about history, current events etc. Our guide Varduhi was excellent and her English was very good.
Free walking tour di Gyumri

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