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Ciao, sono Twaha una guida turistica locale di lingua inglese nata e cresciuta in Uganda. Ho viaggiato e guidato in tutto l'Uganda per più di 5 anni. Sono una laureata in turismo e ospitalità che mi rende capace di gestire tutte le persone di ogni ceto del mondo. Fornisco molti servizi come tour della città in moto, a piedi, auto private, safari, gite di un giorno e tour culturali.

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Descrizione del tour

Esperienza a piedi nella città di Kampala

Questo tour ti farà familiarizzare con la città mentre impari la storia, la cultura e il modo di vivere delle persone nella città di Kampala. Ti porta attraverso angoli che nemmeno la gente del posto conosce e ti dà anche l'opportunità di interagire con la gente del posto e di assaggiare i piatti locali.

Il tour inizia all'ufficio postale dell'Uganda, poi cammina verso il mercato (il più antico e più grande), i monumenti, la moschea di Gheddafi per la vista a 360 gradi di Kampala, e infine il palazzo del re per vedere le camere di tortura di Idi Amin.

Punti salienti:

  1. Monumento all'indipendenza
  2. Monumento al primo presidente
  3. Monumento alla guerra mondiale
  4. Il mercato più antico
  5. Parcheggio dei taxi
  6. Tempio SDM
  7. Il primo gorilla ad essere abituato
  8. Mercato dei tessuti
  9. Il più grande mercato locale (mercato di Owiino)
  10. Moschea Gheddafi (vista a 360 gradi della città di Kampala

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Punti salienti

Cosa visiteremo durante questo tour?

  • Punto d'incontro:
    35 Kampala Road Kampala Uganda
    35 Kampala Road Kampala Uganda
    Vedi sulla mappa

    La gente mi incontrerà all'ufficio postale centrale dell'Uganda con un cartello del guru ambulante in mano

  • 1
    Ingresso gratuito
    Independence Monument
  • 2
    Ingresso gratuito
    Old Taxi Park
  • 3
    Ingresso gratuito
    Owino Market
  • 4
    Ingresso gratuito
    nakasero market
  • 5
    Visita esterna
    World War Monument
  • 6
    Visita esterna
    Palazzo delle Poste
  • 7
    Ingresso non incluso
    Uganda National Mosque
  • 8
    Ingresso gratuito
    Fabric Center

Quanto costa il tour?

I free tournon hanno un prezzo prestabilito, ogni persona dà al guru, alla fine del tour, l'importo che ritiene adeguato (di solito sono importi compresi tra € 10 e $ 50 a seconda del livello di soddisfazione).

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leticia 17 Mar 2024

Prenotazione verificata
Viaggiato da solo - Mar 2024
A Heartfelt Thank You to Twaha for an Unforgettable Tour! I had the pleasure of joining Twaha's free walking tour of Kampala, and I couldn't have been more impressed. Twaha's deep knowledge of the city's history and his genuine enthusiasm for sharing it with others made the tour both educational and enjoyable. What truly stood out was Twaha's personalized approach – he took the time to tailor the tour to our interests and answered all our questions with patience and insight. From bustling markets to serene parks, Twaha led us on a journey through Kampala's past and present, leaving us with a newfound appreciation for this vibrant city. Thank you, Twaha, for your hospitality, passion, and for making our time in Kampala truly special
leticia 17 Mar 2024

Prenotazione verificata
Viaggiato in coppia - Mar 2024
Twaha's Walking Tour: A Kampala Gem! My experience with Twaha's free walking tour of Kampala was nothing short of exceptional. From the moment we set off, his passion for the city's history and culture shone through. Twaha's knowledge was astounding, and his storytelling skills truly brought the streets of Kampala to life. Not only did he show us the iconic landmarks, but he also took us off the beaten path to hidden gems we would have never discovered on our own. His warmth and friendliness made the tour feel like exploring the city with an old friend. I can't recommend Twaha's tour highly enough – it's a must-do for anyone visiting Kampala. Thank you, Twaha, for an unforgettable experience!
huffie 16 Mar 2024

Prenotazione verificata
Viaggiato da solo - Mar 2024
Embarking on a walking tour with Twaha through the bustling streets of Kampala was an absolute delight! As someone who values authentic experiences while traveling, I can confidently say that Twaha provided an experience that exceeded all expectations. Twaha's expertise as a tour guide is unmatched. Throughout the three-hour tour, he expertly navigated us through the city, seamlessly blending historical facts with captivating anecdotes. His deep understanding of Kampala's rich cultural heritage truly shone through as he took us to various landmarks, each with its own unique story to tell. What impressed me most about Twaha was his ability to cater the tour to our interests and preferences. Despite having a set itinerary, he remained flexible and accommodating, ensuring that we got the most out of our experience. Whether we wanted to linger a little longer at a particular site or explore off the beaten path, Twaha was more than happy to accommodate our requests. Beyond his knowledge and flexibility, Twaha's passion for his craft was evident in every aspect of the tour. His enthusiasm was infectious, and his genuine love for Kampala was palpable. It's clear that Twaha takes great pride in showcasing his city to visitors, and his dedication to providing an unforgettable experience is truly commendable. In conclusion, I wholeheartedly recommend Twaha to anyone looking to explore Kampala in a meaningful and engaging way. His walking tour offers not just a glimpse into the city's past and present but also an opportunity to connect with its vibrant culture and friendly people. Thank you, Twaha, for a memorable journey through Kampala—I can't wait to return and explore more with you!
Hailey 16 Mar 2024

Prenotazione verificata
Viaggiato da solo - Mar 2024
I recently had the pleasure of joining Twaha for a walking tour in Kampala, Uganda, and it exceeded all expectations! Twaha's depth of knowledge about the city's history, culture, and landmarks is truly remarkable. From the moment we began our tour until its conclusion three hours later, Twaha captivated us with fascinating stories and insights about each place we visited. What sets Twaha apart is not just his wealth of information but also his genuine passion for sharing it with others. His enthusiasm is infectious, making the tour not only educational but also incredibly enjoyable. Despite the hot weather, Twaha ensured that we were comfortable and engaged throughout the entire experience. Furthermore, Twaha's professionalism and attentiveness to detail are commendable. He carefully planned our route to cover all the highlights mentioned in the itinerary, and he was always ready to answer any questions we had along the way. Additionally, his friendliness and warm personality made us feel welcomed and at ease throughout the tour. Overall, I cannot recommend Twaha enough for anyone visiting Kampala. Whether you're a history buff, a culture enthusiast, or simply looking for a memorable experience in the city, Twaha's tour is an absolute must-do. Thank you, Twaha, for an unforgettable day filled with knowledge, laughter, and exploration!
Muriel 23 Feb 2024

As I embarked on a journey through the vibrant city of Kampala, I had the privilege of being accompanied by an exceptional guide who brought the city to life in all its facets. Over a span of four hours, my knowledgeable and charismatic guide led me through a captivating mosaic of history, culture, economy, religion, and politics. Culturally, my guide provided a unique insight into Kampala's rich heritage. With enthusiastic expertise, he led me through bustling streets where traditional craftsmanship and modern art forms converge. From the colorful markets to historic sites like the Kasubi Tombs Hill, I was immersed in the city's rich cultural diversity. Economically, my guide provided me with a glimpse into Kampala's dynamic business life. We visited local markets where the lively hustle and bustle of traders and customers reflected the pulse of the city. My guide explained the significance of trade and economy in the daily lives of the residents, illustrating the challenges and opportunities that the city faces. Religiously, my guide took me through a fascinating array of religious sites and practices. From magnificent mosques to historic churches, I gained insight into the religious diversity and tolerance that characterize Kampala. My guide impressively conveyed the role that religion plays in the daily lives of the people and how it shapes the city's cultural landscape. Politically, my guide led me through the most significant political institutions and landmarks of Kampala. He elucidated the complex political dynamics that shape the city and openly discussed the challenges and progress that the government faces. In doing so, he provided me with a deep understanding of Uganda's political landscape and its impact on the lives of people in Kampala. Overall, the tour with my guide was not only informative but also inspiring. His passion for the city and his profound knowledge of its cultural, economic, religious, and political aspects gave me an unforgettable insight into the heart of Kampala. For anyone seeking a comprehensive and enriching experience in this fascinating African metropolis, I highly recommend a tour with my fabulous guide.
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