The Essential Amsterdam Walking Tour

Durata: 1 ora e 45 minuti
Lingue: Inglese
Guru: Felipe
Quality Verified Registrato il 28 ottobre 2021

Independent licensed guide in Amsterdam, history and culture addict, coffee lover, restless walker. It is a delight to share with you this experience carefully crafted over 6 years of my life in the heart of city.

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Descrizione del tour


An experience for culture and history lovers, with a good mix of storytelling and sightseeing, personal insight on what is it like to live in the heart of the city, curious facts and tailor made recommendations for all kinds of travelers!

I will share the good, the bad, the real Amsterdam. The chaotic streets of the Red Light, the most important historical sights in the center, and also some of the most beautiful places of Amsterdam.

  1. NIEUWEMARKT: We will get some basic concepts out of the way, moving to some secrets in the old city gates - an appropriate starting point for the tour.
  2. VOC (DUCHT EAST INDIA COMPANY): Lets explore the days when this people ruled the seas, the dark side of it's glory and wealth, and the relation of the modern dutch with their historical past.
  3. OLD CHURCH: We will visit the oldest building of Amsterdam -  the Oude Kerk - to understand some of its contrasts. The past, the present, and some possible futures of the Red Light District.
  4. CHINATOWN: Drugs are often a confusing topic for visitors. Lets understand how it really works, how it began, and why it is still a quite controversial topic.
  5. DANCING HOUSES: The crooked houses of are quite the sight to behold, but there are different reasons behind their dancing angles.
  6. OUDE WAAL - THE MOST BEAUTIFUL CANAL AND ITS MANY HOUSEBOATS: In the Venice of the North, the canals tells many secrets. The children here used to sing "Beautiful Amsterdam, built on poles. If it breaks, who's gonna pay?". Lets find out!
  7. JEWISH DISTRIC: In the last stop of our tour, we will reflect upon the events of WWII and how it unfolded inside the city.


You will receive a message in the 24 hours before the tour. You NEED to reply this message, confirming your presence in the tour. Otherwise, your booking might be given to a traveler on the waiting list.

We talk about prostitution, drugs, and we walk inside the Red Light District. Travelers under 18 can only attend together with their parents.

 All travelers are required to arrive at least 10 minutes earlier. After the tour starts, mobile communication with the guide will be scarce, as the group has his full attention. 


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    Nieuwmarkt 4, 1012 CR Amsterdam, Paes...
    Nieuwmarkt 4, 1012 CR Amsterdam, Paesi Bassi
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    I'll be waiting for you with a green umbrella, at the Nieuwemarkt Square, in front of the cafe In de Waag (the only building of the square).

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  • 2
    Visita esterna
    VOC (Dutch East India Company)
  • 3
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    Old Church
  • 4
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  • 5
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    Dancing Houses
  • 6
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    Oude Waal - The most beautiful canal and it's boat houses.
  • 7
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    Jewish District

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Dario 01 Oct 2023

Prenotazione verificata
Viaggiato da solo - Oct 2023
Felipe was a very kind guide. Definitely essential places were visited and information was enough for giving you a first but awesome view of this amazing city full of congrats. There was time even for good jokes. Totally recommended.
Kelly 01 Oct 2023

Prenotazione verificata
Viaggiato in coppia - Oct 2023
Felipe provided a concise, informative and insightful snap shot of Amsterdam of yesterday and today. He covered a range of topics and answered all our questions. Not one for retaining dates and intricate details, I enjoyed Felipe’s overview - it wasn’t just a history lesson. Highly recommend.
Isabel 01 Oct 2023

Prenotazione verificata
Viaggiato in coppia - Oct 2023
Thank you for the amazing tour!!!
Nabil 01 Oct 2023

Prenotazione verificata
Viaggiato in coppia - Sep 2023
Felipe was a really amazing guru. Very knowledgable, honest and helpful. He also gave really nice recommendations and went the extra mile by showing various other maps etc to provide more context. Highly recommended.
Patti 29 Sep 2023

Prenotazione verificata
Viaggiato in coppia - Sep 2023
Felipe concentrates on how today's Amsterdam culture came to be. With this focus, I would say it is not a traditional history tour, By traditional history tour I mean an account of each historic building with related dates and notable people. Felipe explains the evolution of some of the city's cultural nuances and physical features, making his stories seem quite relevant. I would recommend this tour especially if you have teens or others in your group who are bored by dates and old churches.
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