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The Heart of Amsterdam: An Essential Overview (+18)

Durata: 1 ora e 45 minuti
Lingue: Inglese
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We are a very small collective of experienced independent guides living in the Redlight District, sharing the same passion for history, modern culture and storytelling. We are very happy to take travelers from different cultures and show them a real, authentic perspective of this fantastic city. All done in a friendly and professional way. Let's take a walk!

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Descrizione del tour

Welcome to an immersive walk through the heart of one of the most fascinating cities in the world!

Together, we will explore Amsterdam's remarkable history, origins, and unique values and ideas that helped shape the modern world.

As we walk through some of the city's most iconic sites, we will discuss its rich cultural heritage, intriguing architecture, the Dutch Golden Age, the events of the Second World War, and Amsterdam's longstanding tradition of tolerance and diversity.

Some of the sites and topics:

  • Dam square and the origins of Amsterdam
  • Oude Kerk, the Old Church
  • De Wallen, the Red Light District
  • Niewmarkt and De Waag
  • The VOC headquarters and the Dutch Golden Age
  • The Jewish Quarter and Amsterdam in WWII
  • Amsterdam's canal houses and their unique architecture
  • Drugs and Amsterdam

By the end of the tour, you will have a newfound understanding and appreciation of Amsterdam's essence and its place in the world, as well as valuable insights into what makes up the spirit of this exceptional city.

Join us and discover hidden gems, fascinating stories, and experience the rich culture Amsterdam has to offer!

Important Information:

  • There's a limit of 15 people per tour imposed by the Municipality of Amsterdam that must be kept at all times.
  • Tours are for individuals and small groups of up to 4 people. We reserve the right to reject multiple reservations that result in groups of more than 4 people. This includes different members of the same group trying to join the tour by making multiple individual reservations. (exceptions can be made for families with children)
  • Please note that if the total bookings amount to less than 4 people the tour is subject to cancellation
  • All travelers must arrive at the meeting point at least 10 minutes before the start of the tour. After the tour begins, mobile communication with the guide will be sparse as the group has their full attention.

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  • Punto d'incontro:
    Nieuwmarkt 25, 1011 JS Amsterdam, Pae...
    Nieuwmarkt 25, 1011 JS Amsterdam, Paesi Bassi
    Vedi sulla mappa

    We will meet in front of the Villa Nieuwmarkt Cafe, you will reconize me with a green bag and pink cap! https://maps.app.goo.gl/SU46HzaGTaKvBBtm9

  • 1
    Visita esterna
    Piazza Dam
  • 2
    Visita esterna
    Vecchia Kerk
  • 3
    Visita esterna
    Quartiere a luci rosse Amsterdam Centrum
  • 4
    Visita esterna
    Nuovo mercato
  • 5
    Visita esterna
    VOC compagnia indie orientale olandese
  • 6
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I free tournon hanno un prezzo prestabilito, ogni persona dà al guru, alla fine del tour, l'importo che ritiene adeguato (di solito sono importi compresi tra € 10 e $ 50 a seconda del livello di soddisfazione).

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Izabele 28 Jun 2024

Prenotazione verificata
Viaggiato in coppia - Jun 2024
A great ballance between history and current city life 👍
Mirna 12 Sep 2023

Prenotazione verificata
Viaggiato in gruppo - Sep 2023
A really nice guy, likes to engage the group, ask questions and is funny. Tour was 1,5 hour and we haven't been bored at all. I would recommend Thomas (:
Susan 06 Sep 2023

Prenotazione verificata
Viaggiato in gruppo - Sep 2023
Highly recommended
dominic 29 Aug 2023

Prenotazione verificata
Viaggiato in gruppo - Aug 2023
We were lucky to have a private tour ( 4) what stands out for me was the type of tour , it wasn’t a typical this is x this is y building and this happened in x year what Thomas did was tell us about current affairs and history and invited participation and imparted a vast array of topics . I 100% feel we had a very positive experience and our knowledge and understanding of Amsterdams history and current situation is better than when we started . Very friendly guy invited and answered any question and subject so glad we were lucky enough to choose Thomas. . Thank you
Asher 27 Aug 2023
Tel Aviv

Prenotazione verificata
Viaggiato in coppia - Aug 2023
Very good
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