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Mdina and Rabat, Free Tour through the most traditional Malta

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Mdina and Rabat, Free Tour through the most traditional Malta
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Days: Monday
Hours: 10:30
Languages: English and Spanish
Duration: 2 hours
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One of the places with the most marked medieval character in the Mediterranean is undoubtedly the jewel of the city of Mdina; a Phoenician enclave that over time, due to its strategic location on a hill in the central area of the island of Malta, became one of the most interesting places, both for the different cultures that marked the Mare Nostrum, and for tourists looking for an interesting destination, with a large number of places to see of great attraction.

Known by the nickname of "Citta Vecchia", it was once the capital of Malta to become today one of the most picturesque places in this part of Europe. It is a perfect place to enjoy a few days of vacation, walking through its medieval streets and enjoying some of the most interesting dishes of its cuisine as the typical Hobza appetizer, the Bigilla, a kind of humus, the bell, the Pastizzi, some small pastries, or the famous Maltese cheese Gbejniet.

Fans of the famous Game of Thrones series can take the free walking tour in Mdina to visit the most emblematic places where some of their most famous scenes were shot. It is also possible to get close to some of the most important buildings of its heritage such as its beautiful St. Paul's Cathedral and its recommended museum. The 15th century Palazzo Falson, the Palazzo Vilhena, or the Convent of the Carmelites are other essential places to visit in the town. The Catacombs of San Pablo or the Museum of Torture are other points of great interest in the city, where you can enjoy the diversity of styles in its buildings, where you can admire from the Baroque to the Venetian, all in perfect harmony. A European corner is ideal for planning a weekend getaway to the beautiful and recommended "City of Silence".

In order to enjoy your stay in the city as much as possible, and as an alternative to the boring excursions of many tour operators, one of the best options is to sign up for the free tour in Mdina, with which you can discover the most exciting and beautiful corners of the city. 

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