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Cindy 22 Feb 2024

Verified booking
Travelled in couple - Feb 2024
Ashley was an amazing tour guide! She shared so much information and many fun facts that made the tour really enjoyable! I learned so much and highly recommend this tour to anyone visiting Cordoba!
Free tour The unknown side of Córdoba
Janet 03 Oct 2023

Verified booking
Travelled in couple - Oct 2023
Excellent guide, clearly very well read in his subject. Pleasure to listen too. Very thoughtful to all his guests.
Free Walking Tour Heritage Cordoba
Jan 15 Nov 2022

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Travelled in group - Nov 2022
Enrique did a great job. Really cool tour.
Free Tour of the Heritage of Córdoba
Aila 02 Sep 2022
Santa Rosa

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Travelled alone - Aug 2022
Our guide Lucia was fantastic! Super knowledgeable about the history of cordoba and I love that she gave special recommendations for restaurants and bars to visit along the way. She was really friendly and approachable, and seemed to really enjoy sharing her city with us.
Free walking tour through Córdoba
Hannah 14 Jun 2022

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Travelled in couple - Jun 2022
What a great tour! We learned so much about the history of Cordoba. Jose is very knowledgeable and answered all of our questions, and also gave us recommendations for the remainder of our time in the city.
🥇Free Tour Córdoba: Keys to the History and Gastronomy.
Maria 04 Oct 2021

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Travelled in couple - Oct 2021
Angel was an excellent ambassador. My friend and I really enjoyed his explanations. He was very kind and his English is spotless!
Free Walking Tour Cordoba: a complete walk through the history of the city
Mariam 03 Sep 2021

Verified booking
Travelled in couple - Sep 2021
Elena was great! Her tour was fun, engaging and provided us with a lot of interesting facts. Highly recommend!
Free Tour Córdoba Monumental
Devin 27 Jun 2021

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Travelled in group - Jun 2021
Kristina was great!
The best Free Tour in Cordoba
Manuela 20 May 2021
Santa Cruz de Tenerife

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Travelled in group - May 2021
Angel was a fantastic guide, gave us a lot of information on a very entertaining way - so you don't forget easily! 😅 - had good answers to all questions & adjusted himself very nicely to our little group! Highly recommended. Thanks 🙏🙏
Free Monumental Tour of Córdoba

Magic, paranormal happenings, haunted houses, tragic crimes? Let's review some of the darkest stories. In the narrow streets of the ancient city of Cordoba are hidden countless stories, secrets and legends that every mystery lover and aficionado would love to know.
Our free tour of legends and mysteries of Cordoba goes through the most legendary walking route through the city of Cordoba. On this walking tour, we will get to know the historical neighborhoods of Cordoba, such as San Pablo, Magdalena or San Andres.
As we stroll among the corners and squares, our GuruWalk guide will tell us the most mysterious secrets of Cordoba during the darkness of the night.
In order for you to imagine a bit of the tour, we will travel through our imagination; for now, as you will be in the city of Cordoba you will see and feel the energy that inspires each of the places we will visit.
First, we will make a tour of the church of San Paolo (the church that was on the ancient Roman circus, and now occupies the headquarters of the European Union) in that place we will learn about the events that happened in the past and that has impacted throughout history, but for now I do not advance it, because I prefer you to be surprised to see it yourself, then we will approach the Palacio de Orive. Is it true that the ghost of a strange lady wanders through this building of the sixteenth century? Do not worry if you hear her screams! You will be in the company of an authentic Cordovan, who will be your charm for everything.
We will continue walking through the neighborhood of Santiago, known as the neighborhood of the witches of Cordoba. During this part of the tour, we will talk about some women, such as Magdalena de la Cruz, a nun who was condemned for making a pact with the devil.
The free tour of legends and mysteries of Cordoba also includes a walk through the Plaza de la Corredera, where formerly the Inquisition court judged the infidels. Nearby is the Posada del Potro, where, centuries ago, a terrible crime took place that ended more than 100 lives. You will get goose bumps!
We will also walk around the outside of the Mosque of Cordoba to discover its many mysteries and legends before arriving at the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters, the city's former hospital. Do you dare to listen to the psychophonies that were recorded in this place? 
After an hour and a half walk, we will finish our free tour in front of the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters.

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