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Free evening walking tour vienna by annalovesvienna

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  • Vienna
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About the guru Anna

Who is Anna? Half Viennese (Papa) - Half Bavarian (Mama) Born in 1986 - raised in Bavaria - spent numerous vacations in Austria during childhood - already fell in love with Vienna very early... I just say: "Oma (=granny), when I grow up, I´m going to live in Vienna" - no sooner said than done - in 2005 I moved to Vienna and ever since, I am happy to call this amazing city ... More »

Who is Anna? Half Viennese (Papa) - Half Bavarian (Mama) Born in 1986 - raised in Bavaria - spent numerous vacations in Austria during childhood - already fell in love with Vienna very early... I just say: "Oma (=granny), when I grow up, I´m going to live in Vienna" - no sooner said than done - in 2005 I moved to Vienna and ever since, I am happy to call this amazing city my home - since 2013 I have been a state-qualified tourist guide and have the pleasure to show Vienna to guests from all over the world. What does Anna like? sunshine - history and stories - music - good food - visiting museums - Viennese "Würstelstände" - exciting journeys (and coming back to Vienna afterwards) - running - discovering - BBQ-Sauce - hiking - talking (preferably in German, English, French and Italian) - beautiful cars - life What does Anna love? Anna loves Vienna, of course... "eh klar"!

About the tour


I am Anna, a state certified tourist guide in my favourite city in the world: Vienna!

Join me for my free evening walking tour through the city centre of Vienna, get to know the highlights of the inner city and see why I love this city so much!

You will see the state opera, the Imperial Palace called „Hofburg“, the Spanish Riding School, Heroes‘ Square, St. Stephan’s Cathedral and much more!

I would love to show you around my beautiful town and tell you not only about history, but also about how it feels like to live in Vienna!

There´s nothing like strolling around through the streets of Vienna during the evening hours: beautiful sunsets in the spring time, chillier hours in the hot summer months, bright illuminations during the colder season... and at the end of the tour, you can easily go for dinner or a drink in one of the numerous restaurants and bars in the city centre and just enjoy life!

I´d be pleased to recommend you the best spots in town!

This tour is a "pay what you wish" tour. It takes about 2 hours and at the end of the tour you decide if you liked it or not. ;-)

The perfect tour for individual travellers and any budget!

Looking forward to meeting you!

Best regards,


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How to find me: Next to the monument against war and fascism

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Ratings (23)



6 days ago

Great tour. i think anna is a wonderful guide. i loved her enthusiasm and energy. she knows vienna so well. i enjoyed the tour very much.



10 days ago

Well done, enthusiastic, knowledgeable.



30 days ago

She was awesome and really entertaining. she really loves vienna and knows everything about this great city. i would really recommend her and wish she would organize more tours.


Mario Alvarez

1 month ago

Anna was superb. she knows the history of vienna exceptionally, we'll and she is eager to share it with her guest. if you want to enjoy a few hours learning about vienna with a pro, anna is my recommendation. thank you!



2 months ago

Really found the tour intresting, fun and informative: really recommend for anyone who want to have a walk through vienna history!



3 months ago



6 months ago

Anna is a great and fun guide, the tour lasted about 2 hours but i could listen for twice as long and never get bored! i really recommend her as a guide :)



6 months ago

Ana is very profesional guide and we recommend her tour to every turist who appreciates enthusiasm and knowledge spiced with humor and great personality.



6 months ago

The tour with anna was fun and really informative i would recommend this tour to everyone!

Perfil oporto


6 months ago

El tour fue una gran experiencia y las explicaciones de anna muy interesantes y con buen sentido del humor.


Cristina Castellana

7 months ago

Anna is a very competent guide, never boring and very pleasant to listen to!



7 months ago

Anna was a great guide! she gave us lots of great historical info as well as some funny anecdotes. even though it was really cold and there were a lot of us, she spoke non-stop for over 2 hours. you could tell she really loves her city :) i would recommend her tour to anyone visiting vienna. thank you, anna!


Pavel R

7 months ago

I very like anna!! she is really talantive, interesting and funny guide! recommend.



7 months ago

That was so cool. she gave us a lot of interesting information! thank you very much!



9 months ago

It was a unique experience to visit vienna with was very funny and talkative and she informed us very was a nice tour i recommend her to the visitors



9 months ago

Brief and comprehensive tour about vienna and viennese lifestyle! thank you, anna!



9 months ago



9 months ago

I went for an evening walk with anna last weekend and it was one of the best walking tours i've done so far and not only in vienna. anna is a very nice, communicative person, and she's giving you so much interesting information both about culture and history and about vienese life style. she would give you advise on places to eat, on good caffees, bars and traditions. after this walk you'll deffinitely know where to go next, and you'll want to follow the same routs over and over again feeling now familiar and welcome in the city.

thank you, anna, for the wonderful tour!



9 months ago

Christina was great, she was quite knowledgable and i got to learn a lot from her about vienna. i think anyone coming to vienna should do this tour.



10 months ago

Fun and inspiring!



10 months ago

Anna is the best guide of vienna.

she introduced a lot of informations and histories about vienna, even it was really windy and rainy.

it was 2nd time of vienna, but i felt another feelings of vienna tnx to her.

definitely recommend!!


Irfan muhammad

10 months ago



11 months ago

Wonderful explanations and tips

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