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  • Discovery of the Great stone

Discovery of the Great stone

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I am psychologist, graphic designer, and photographer as well.

I am psychologist, graphic designer, and photographer as well.

About the tour

GREAT STONE "The mole" is famous not only between the borders of the island, but also in the insular Caribbean region, because it is precisely the largest in that area.

The legends of its origin cover even the versions that attribute its formation due to the impact of a meteorite that fell millions of years ago in the aforementioned eastern territory, although the most true one is one that considers its birth due to the explosion of an underwater volcano .

View of the Great Stone

Exterior Hotel Gran Piedra

Cabin of the Hotel Gran Piedra

The ascent to the top of the Great Stone is made through 452 steps, where the visitor faces the adventure surrounded by an abundant vegetation of ferns, orchids and other species that inhabit the area.

Several hundred vegetable categories, of them 222 of ferns, and with 22 percent of them endemic complement the offer of the site for adventure tourism, to which is added a fauna with 926 species which highlights the tocororo, Cuban national bird .

The rock is also appreciated as a natural viewpoint of unique conditions, since it offers the view that those who venture to climb the attractions of one of the most beautiful landscapes in the territory.

On the one hand it allows to see all the coastal coastline of the southeast, where the beaches and hotels of the Baconao park extend, together with the high buildings of the capital of the province of Santiago de Cuba.

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Tour duration: 2 hours, 30 minutes

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