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Medina of Tunis an open air museum.

  • Tunis
  • Available in: Italian, French, Spanish, English, Arabic

About the guru Saber صابر

im a tunisian tour guide

im a tunisian tour guide

About the tour

Due to the coronavirus my tours are temporarily suspended until further notice ... I count on your understanding, hoping that it will pass quickly!

Hello Guruwalkers community...


1/ Phone number and email are required.

2/ In order to have a valid reservation, is necessary to send me a confirmation message.

3/ Being licensed national tour guide, same day reservations are not allowed please, because maybe I'm not at all in Tunis or have other tours.

4/ Punctuality is absolutely important to take full advantage of the time of the visit and the different stages.

Being accompanied by a professional guide in the labyrinth of the medina that's great, but with me it's even better ... icing on the cake, I grew up there!

I am a national professional guide approved by the Tunisian National Tourist Office.

The medina of Tunis, heritage of UNESCO, offers visitors places and monuments out of the ordinary. Mosques, medersas, palaces, souks, zaouia-mausoleums, foundouks and cafes; it is there that you will lose yourself between archeology and heritage history.

Polyglot, young and dynamic, with almost 15 years as a tour guide, I invite you to discover the rich cultural, artistic and heritage of my country. Although a destination sea, beach and sun par excellence, but Tunisia has many surprises, especially for the most curious tourists. By the way, my Tunisia is much richer than what is usually shown. So come and watch Tunisia through my eyes. You will not regret it.

Meeting point
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How to find me: Beside of the minaret of the Kasbah Mosque
Tour duration: 2 hours, 30 minutes

What's the price?

A guruwalk is a pay-what-you want walking tour, which means, it's completely free to book and join the group, but the 'guru' expects to be rewarded once the tour ends. Some people give €10, some people give US‎$ 50, you choose the price.

For organizational purposes, it is mandatory to book the tour. Booking is completely free, fast and easy. Book your guruwalk now!

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4 months ago

Ha sido fantástico descubrir rincones qe de otra forma no hubiera sido posible. Gracias Saber!!!! Volveremos.



4 months ago

Saber is a competent guide and fun to be around - he made us visit places that we would never have discovered on our own which kind of felt like being backstage. We enjoyed it very much.



4 months ago



4 months ago

El tour con Saber ha sido fantástico. Nos ha enseñado todos los rincones de la Medina con explicaciones amenas y divertidas. Un 10.



4 months ago

Gracias Saber por el tour tan fantástico y completo de la medina, pese a las inclemencias del tiempo. Recomendable 100%.


Anita Nanjapa

4 months ago

It was great to walk through the Medina with Saber. I had booked an English tour and there were two other guests who had booked for a Spanish one. They were okay with it being in English so we had a good morning.

There was a bit of difficulty finding him. We were at the Kasbah minaret but he was at the Kasbah monument. I think that was what it was. I was a few minutes late and the others were ten minutes late. Maybe Saber can wear a checheya so that he is easy to spot :)

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