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Santa Cruz de Tenerife, a city full of wonders!

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  • Santa Cruz de Tenerife
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About the tour

Santa Cruz is a magnificent city, but it is not adapted for tourists. The best places are not publicized, so knowing it by the hand of an authentic chicharrero (it is the name that is given among the Canaries to Tenerife) is worth it. We will start the tour in the auditorium of Tenerife, on the seashore, where a mysterious painter decorated the rocks with hundreds of meters of famous portraits. After this, we will go to the African market, where you can buy native sweets, volcanic stone jewelry from the islands, flowers ... and we will continue to Weyler Square along the famous Castle Street, full of shops and charm, with musicians and artists, and we will arrive at a beautiful park with an immense clock made solely with flowers, García Sanabria Park. To finish the tour we will go to the famous square of Spain, passing through some places of interest such as the Plaza del Príncipe. After the tour I will accompany those who wish to restaurants of Canarian food, to try the wonderful almogrote of the island of La Gomera. I hope to see you soon! VERY IMPORTANT: 1. Those who book the tour in the afternoon, should know that we will pass through the African market, but that they will not be able to buy inside, since it closes at 14:00. 2. If you make a reservation for: a) 11:00 after 20:00 b) 18:00 on the same day try to contact me by the web and phone number, since you may not see it , and if there was no reservation I will not present myself to the meeting.

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How to find me: On the auditorium stairs with a very colorful bag
Tour duration: 2 hours, 30 minutes

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Ratings (124)



2 days ago

Un desastre, bueno ni siquiera hubo tour ya que 15 minutos antes recibo un mail comunicándome la cancelación. Mañana perdida


Laura Calleja

3 days ago

Andrea no se ha presentado, alegando que se encontraba en un atasco.

Es el segundo día que intentamos hacer el Free tour, y la segunda vez que no aparece.

A las 18:10, después de decirle que esperábamos, nos dice que finalmente no viene (la visita empezaba a las 18:00).


Yolanda Pardillos Navarro

4 days ago

Andrea es una encanto. Nos explico muchas cosas y contesto a todas nuestras preguntas y más. Es una niña espontanea y natural


Beñat Loinaz

4 days ago

Ha sido una vergüenza!!

El tour empezaba a las 11:00 y nos ha avisado a la 10:50 que se había anulado el tour.



4 days ago

El tour con andrea estuvo genial, nos explicó muchas cosas y fue muy ameno. Gracias



4 days ago

La guía no acudió.

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