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The Histories of Cádiz. A three-year city.

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  • Cádiz
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About the tour

Cádiz is a three-thousand-year-old city. The oldest city in the West, which apart from its official history, has the internal history lived by the citizens of Cádiz. A mixture of both is what we want you to know.

A tour that begins in the Plaza de San Juan de Dios, a place where for centuries it is the entrance hall to the house of all that is Cádiz, since in Cádiz nobody feels like a stranger.

After visiting the medieval walls we enter the Barrio del Populo, with its three access doors, the church of Santa Cruz (old Cathedral), its streets and noble houses, and the essential visit of the Roman Theater.

Outside of Barrio de Populo, the Medieval city was more than a quarter, we will see the Cathedral of Cádiz, for the Gaditanos, the New Cathedral. The Cathedral of the Americas because its construction is related to the splendor of Cádiz in the eighteenth century and its trade with the "New World". Next to the Cathedral you can visit the Church of Santiago witnessing important moments of some events in the city.

Walking through its streets we will arrive to the Plaza de España where the Monument of the Cortes of 1812 is located, and from there we will pass through the Plaza de San Francisco with its temple to continue to the church of San Felipe Neri, place where the first was proclaimed. Spanish Constitution, which we know as La Pepa. Then we will enter the Barrio de la Viña to see its Playa de la Caleta, the most typical of Cádiz and which is "protected" by two Castles. Here would end the tour.

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How to find me: Delante del Monumento a Segismundo Moret frente a la fuente en la Plaza de San Juan De Dios.
Tour duration: 2 hours, 30 minutes

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