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Free Tour: Jack the Ripper

  • London
  • Available in: Spanish

About the tour

Imagine the next scene taken from London in 1888. A beautiful young woman walks along a lively avenue, full of people, carriages and gas lamps. The fog disturbs his vision and ends up entering a dark alley, apparently abandoned. There she sees a man with a high-top hat and cape who approaches her. Suddenly and without a word, he stabs her brutally and inexplicably. While she falls to the ground mortally wounded, the killer disappears into the dark and thick fog of London. Is this the image you have about the bloodthirsty murderer Jack the Ripper? In our guided tour in Spanish we will separate the myth from reality and fiction. We will know the life and death of the victims of the Whitechapel murderer as we walk the alleys where these terrible crimes took place. We will also immerse ourselves in the atmosphere of the Victorian era and feel the sensation of being in full 1888 touring the poorest neighborhood of the city. In addition, we will gather clues to try to find out who is hiding behind the figure of Jack The Ripper, we will know who were the main suspects (some shockingly surprising) and we will understand why they never caught him.

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How to find me: Kindertransport Statue (sculpture in front of the McDonald's of Liverpool Street Station) with flag or umbrella and accreditation "blue-green" with the logo of: Walking in Europe.
Tour duration: 2 hours, 30 minutes

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