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About the tour

Knowing Seville through the amazing charm of its squares and corners is a real pleasure. See the most traditional face of its streets, find yourself immersed in photogenic squares. This Free Tour is loaded with prints not to forget. It will be a pleasure for your senses, sight, smell, taste. You will be worth walking through the quiet Seville, knowing while its history, its plublos, its legends. Seville seen through the beauty that its places give us, of flirtatious banks, fountains and corners. A different experience to meet centuries of history and heritage. PLACES AND CORNERS FULL OF CHARM To make a Free Tour with the originality of knowing Seville through its most beautiful squares, will make you give away on this trip, a view difficult to forget. Squares with picturesque popular architecture and ancient history, which you will learn from the hand of an experienced and entertaining local guide. You will undoubtedly be left with a complete panorama of the city, you will know from its spectacular monuments of an incalculable architectural value. It will be a route full of beauty that will captivate you. WE RECOMMEND When booking the tour includes a mobile with whatsapp, it will be very practical since we will contact the day before / or same day to send you a map and photo with indication and facilitate your arrival at the meeting point. Also in case of losing or delaying we can easily contact. TO TAKE INTO ACCOUNT -You do not need to give your bank details to book with us. -We do not have a cancellation policy, therefore we will not charge you any amount in case of cancellation until, even, the same start of the tour. -This is a Collaborative Tour, in which a ticket or established price is not required of the travelers, each one depending on the degree of satisfaction and valuation of the tour, pays at the end of the guide, the money that he considers appropriate. -We do very visual tours for travelers with concerns, not recommended for those who have no attention span. -We have no commercial agreements with businesses throughout our entire journey. -We make a stop between 5/10 minutes maximum to buy essential items and the possibility of going to the bathroom. - The Guide is pleasant in its explanations and experienced with years of experience in the sector, and great communication skills. -Because of the experience, children enjoy the tour just like the elderly. For the little ones, we have game or entertainment material. -We assure a free tour of great quality, superior in many cases to other tours even for a fee. -Under 18 years, it is not necessary to make a reservation. -In hot weather you should keep in mind that we walk through shade and downtown streets, where the average temperature drops between 5 and 8 degrees less. It will be convenient to carry a bottle of water. -In rainy season it will be convenient to carry an umbrella. - Throughout the tour we indicate schedule of monuments as we pass, as well as the different possible visits. -You can keep many memories, from music to movies we mentioned about Seville. -At the end of the tour we always give free to the traveler, guide with 2 routes to cover other areas not visited in Seville, tapas remonedaciones and classic places where to try them. Marked and markets, schedules and customs, as well as all the questions you need to solve. -At the end of our tours, in addition to having enjoyed the route, you will find yourself well organized in the city, and 100% knowledgeable of our local culture.

Meeting point
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How to find me: WHERE ARE WE? We leave from CATHEDRAL DE SEVILLA · PUERTA DE SAN CRISTOBAL (also called Puerta del Principe). Located on Calle Fray Ceferino González, between Catedral and Archivo de Indias.
Tour duration: 2 hours, 30 minutes

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