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  • Antigua el carmen

Mas que una ciudad, una joya arquitectonica.

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Anato 2017
  • Antigua Guatemala
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About the guru Hector

I been working as a tour guide for more that 27 years. I have a great experience in the sector, and I have a broad knowledge of the history of the city.

I been working as a tour guide for more that 27 years. I have a great experience in the sector, and I have a broad knowledge of the history of the city.

About the tour


The city of La Antigua Guatemala, known in colonial times as the city of Santiago de Guatemala and by others as the city of Santiago de los Caballeros de Guatemala, has always been a magical city that attracted many people since its inception in 1543, although its line begins in 1542 by the architect Juan Antonelli. The city was affected since its inception by earthquakes that were, in one way or another, shaping the unique architecture that developed in this place.

It is worth mentioning that it was the capital of the general captaincy of Guatemala, which covered from Chiapas to Costa Rica.

In this tour we will see the most enigmatic parts of the city:

- The Central Plaza

- The source of the Sirens

- The Commerce Portal

- The Palace of the General Captains

- The Palace of the Very noble City Hall

- The Cathedral (The church and its ruins)

- The frontispiece of what was the Old University of San Carlos

- The church of San Pedro (Brother Pedro Hospital)

- The Union Tank

- Facade of the convent of Santa Clara

- The church of San Francisco

- Jade Museum

- Artisan market

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How to find me: At the entrance to Cafe Condesa, in the Central Square
Tour duration: 2 hours, 30 minutes

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Tami Murakami

18 days ago

Súper puntual, y con mucho conocimiento de historia de la Ciudad! Me gustó mucho

Anato 2017

Response from Hector:

Gracias por su opinión, nos ayuda a ser mejor cada día.

Fernando M

21 days ago

Lastima que no puedo poner cero estrellas. El guia jamas llego, tuve que llamarlo y despues de que se entero que con mi grupo de amigos lo estabamos esperando a la hora programada, decidio ya no contestar el telefono. Pesima experiencia!

Anato 2017

Response from Hector:

Hola Fernando, lamento la mala experiencia, pero debe comprender que usted reservo su tour menos de 1 hora antes de iniciar, sin importarle si había disponibilidad para atenderle, la mayoría de personas reservan con al menos 2 días antes. Yo incluso le devolví la llamada y nunca contesto y pues ya no pude llamarle porque andaba en otro tour.
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