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Almería is a coastal city with a special charm. Its gastronomy and the hospitality of its citizens make it an ideal destination. You will love this tour. I will teach you everything I know about this small and beautiful city, you can ask me what you want both from history and from anecdotes or legends that exist in the city. You will discover the city from a unique point of view. Places visited during the tour: 1. Port of Almería 2º Calle real and Guitar museum 3º Cathedral of Almería 4º Barrio de la Almedina 5º Alcazaba 6 Refugios of the Civil War (in gastronomic route, route of bars par excellence in Almería).

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Tour duration: 2 hours, 30 minutes

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Mar Imaña Alonso

12 hours ago

2bd6e0a3dac4 juan pedro

Response from Juan Pedro:

muchísimas gracias saludos Mar

Jose Andres Tenes Mayen

4 days ago

Buen tour

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Response from Juan Pedro:

Muchísimas gracias todo un placer mostrarle la ciudad
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