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About the guru FREE Walkative! TOUR

Our goal is to promote Poland and Ukraine for everyone - no matter what their budget is! Since 2007 we have guided more than 700.000 people. We provide tours in English and Spanish mostly.

Our goal is to promote Poland and Ukraine for everyone - no matter what their budget is! Since 2007 we have guided more than 700.000 people. We provide tours in English and Spanish mostly.

About the tour

Beautiful city whose architecture is strikingly non-Polish and was shaped through centuries by wealthy merchants who came here from all corners of Europe and formed the city’s cosmopolitan character. Living here they considered themselves simply people of Gdańsk rather than Poles, Germans or other.

The city of Gdańsk perfectly situated at the very end of Vistula River by the Baltic cost with time became the largest city of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth and one of the most important trading centers in Central Europe providing almost entire Europe with grain and something rather more sophisticated and desired since the ancient days – amber. For centuries it was a place where German and Polish influence clashed, place where the German discipline was mingled with the Polish tendency to disagree. For both nations it is a city of great importance both historically and culturally. A birthplace of two famous scholars and one movement that forever changed the face of the world. First of them was Daniel Fahrenheit, the second being Arthur Schopenhauer and the third, Solidarity movement. Rich, culturally developed and independent, among the Polish people it is known mostly as the city of beginnings: beginning of the II World War and, exactly 50 years later, beginning of the end of communism.

Come with us for a walk through the cobbled streets of the old town filled with elegant, slender buildings with charming terraces, visit monstrous St. Mary’s church – the largest brick church in the world, see the city’s symbol – the largest medieval crane in Europe once moved by the power of human muscle, listen to the stories of great ideas that where shaped by native Gdańsk people and muse over dramatic war and communist time events.

El tour en español los domingos a las 10:30.

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How to find me: between the Golden Gate and the Amber Museum

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12 days ago

Se a cancelado y no habeis avisado asi que un 0. cuando lo pueda hacer podre


Leonardo Rodriguez

3 months ago

El tour en español con monika fue genial, muy recomendado



3 months ago

Hemos hecho un tour con karolina por gdaņsk hace unos días y la verdad es que aunque aprendimos bastante sobre la historia de la ciudad y me pareció bastante interesante la información que nos dio la guía, no repetiría con karolina. muy antipática y le faltaba empatía con el grupo.

en otras ciudades polacas hemos hecho varios free tours con gente nativa majísima y cercana, con todos ellos pasamos un rato muy ameno, al contrario que con karolina que era más "tenso" y no intentó ganarse al grupo.

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Response from FREE Walkative! TOUR:

Buenas tardes: muchas gracias por tu comentario. Todos los comentarios nos ayudan a crecer como empresa y a mejorar nuestros servicios. Sentimos escuchar que uno de nuestros recorridos no se ajustase a vuestras expectativas. Entendemos que cada persona tiene una percepción diferente y que cada uno de nuestros guías puede diferir en materias de interés, así como en personalidad y temperamento. Nos alegra que disfrutáseis de otras ciudades de la mano de nuestros guías locales. Un saludo, Zofia de Walkative!


3 months ago

Relato amabilidad informacion


Jaime tena

4 months ago



5 months ago

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