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Free walking tour trinidad (500 old feeling the city)

  • Trinidad
  • Available in: English, Spanish, Italian

About the guru TrinidAdventure

Group of Cubans super very Cool. I wait for you to walk through more than 500 years of history. Each step will be amazing !!! ☺ ♥ ☻

Group of Cubans super very Cool. I wait for you to walk through more than 500 years of history. Each step will be amazing !!! ☺ ♥ ☻

About the tour

It is somewhat very attractive to be in a city of over 500 years to visit Trinity. That's why we invited it to a long 3-hour walk for the historic center of the city of Trinity. It will be one exchanged direct with history, the culture, the religion and the local town; In order to show how it is the life of this beautiful city. Just the same teach him the most important tourist places of interest and the way of living like a citizen of the place.

The right location is: The Convent San Francisco Asís Park

Meeting point
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How to find me: Output Francisco of Assisi Park in front of the National Museum of the fight against bandits. Cristo (Fernando Hernández) and Boca ( Piro Guinart) Streets, historic Center of the Trinity, Cuba.

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23 days ago

Tour genial! nuestro guía nos explico curiosidades más allá de la información básica de la visita. visitamos edificios muy interesantes y tuvimos una charla muy agradable al final del tour. totalmente recomendable.



26 days ago



27 days ago

Hicimos el tour en abril (una amiga y yo), muy recomendable, sobre todo si quieres integrarte en un ambiente más local y conocer todos los rincones de trinidad. al final del tour tomamos el mejor café y compartimos una buena charla.

¡un saludo de dos vascas!


Renato lora

1 month ago

A group of friends who can help you feel the culture of trinidad better.

they are very preferable i recommend them not to be blamed


Claudio barona

1 month ago

If you need to know the city i recommend them they are very good



1 month ago

Un exelente tour y muy informativo para vicitar trinidad



1 month ago


our guide did not appear. spanish and italian guide could not help.

after 45 mins of waiting leaving.



1 month ago

El tour fue muy completo y el guía fantástico.



2 months ago

Great tour! eduardo showed me a lot of places, the famous ones and also some which are not so well-known by tourists. he knows a lot about the history of the city and he answered all my questions. he speaks very goog english. thanks a lot for this informative and very personal tour.


Alex pomares

2 months ago

Fue un placer conocerte a estos chicos del free tour.

aprendes mucho de cuba y de la cultura con ellos.

los recomiendo para los aventureros y la familia



2 months ago

It's the best experience i got from trinidad.

i recommend you do this tour if you want to have fun in trinidad



2 months ago

El tour con reiniel fue sin duda lo mejor que hicimos en trinidad. reiniel es una persona amable y muy agradable, además de muy conocedora de todo lo relativo a trinidad. el recorrido fue muy interesante, y lo recomendaría sin lugar a dudas!!



2 months ago



2 months ago



3 months ago

Guide was interesting and accommodating as we moved the tour forward by a couple of hours, but spoke too quietly and most of the time kept talking while walking which meant not everyone could hear. we saw less sites than we thought we would have. pace of the tour could really have been accelerated as in the end it was a little long. recommend this is as a free tour but which needs a bit more work



3 months ago

We had a nice walk and talk through trinidad and got a piece of nice advice by alessandro! thanks for everything



3 months ago

Great tour. great insights into trinidad. we highly recommmend this tour.


Ignacio José Martínez Luque

3 months ago

Reiniel es una persona increible con una capacidad de relato sobresaliente. es conocedor de la historia de trinidad y de la historia de toda cuba muy bien, por lo que recomiendo encarecidamente este tour. nos lleva por todo el pueblo en un recorrido de 3 horas aprox. y nos va relatando a cada paso que da las anécdotas más importantes del pueblo, de sus habitantes y su historia, así como también de la cultura cubana. una persona detallista que finaliza el tour con un café en la mejor cafetería del pueblo. se puede hablar de cualqueir tema con él.


Gema Bruna

3 months ago

La verdad es que no estoy segura de que el guía fuera realmente la persona que debía atendernos, nos dio un paseo por la ciudad, pero no aportó mucha información interesante.



3 months ago



3 months ago


Laura costas torrijo

3 months ago



3 months ago

The recommend are a group of guides very good and tips helped me enjoy the city.


Carlos Alberto

3 months ago

Un excelente grupo de guías con mucho talento y mucha cultura, preguntamos de todo y la pasamos genial. es una lastima los que reservan y no llegan para compartir la experiencia de una ciudad de más de 500 años



3 months ago

The english guide had some emergency at home so he didn't turn up, but the spanish guide was trying to be helpful though. too bad don't speak any spanish.


CoCO mexico

3 months ago

Hello everybody

i invite you to join me every morning, i like the people who love cuba.

trinidad is very happy, thank you


Abel Sou

3 months ago

Espero que sea una propuesta interezante, he hablando con mi amiga que lo hizo y me dijo que son muy buenos y profecionales.



3 months ago

An excellent guide, they are a very funny team and they know a lot about the history and culture of cuba.



3 months ago

Saludos todos los colegas viajeros del mundo, los invito a participar en este tour el cual nos muestra la cultura de cuba y de trinidad.

los guías son geniales y se pasa súper bien con ellos.

no dejen de ir los recomiendo mucho



4 months ago

No hubo tour, por que reiniel no llegó.



5 months ago

It was a fantastic tour, reiniel is lovely and got my husband and i enjoyed immensely of our visit. trinidad is a beautiful and very fun city.


Beny Cortes

5 months ago

If you go trinidad i recommend it, they are the best and can give you the best feedback on the best to do in the city.

i really liked reiniel is a great promoter of the city.



Gabi luso

5 months ago

I liked it a lot more than the one i did in havana.

if you visit trinidad do not forget to book this tour, they are very good.

thanks for the stories i liked a lot.


Adelina martinez

5 months ago

Muy profesionales y conocedores de los mejores lugares de un gran citio como trinidad que tiene tanto para hacer, con sus consejos puede hacer mejor mi estancia en trinidad.

los invito a ser parte de este tour. yo lo pase genial .

gracias cuba y rey



5 months ago

Nunca pensé conocer la cuba que me mostro este tur. son jóvenes con mucho talento y ganas de que disfrutes al máximo tu estancia en la bella trinidad.

nosotros los que vivimos fuera de cuba pensamos que la comunicación es como en nuestro país. en cuba es un poco complicado pero todo se logra, solo hay que tener buena

Éxitos en este tour por la mágica trinidad.



5 months ago

Incredibly disappointing that the guy didn't turn up on the day (claimed he did but i was at the location 15 minutes before and after). i offered to reset for the following day and no response. suggest you stay away unfortunately!



5 months ago

So the english speaking guide didn't turn up despite booking 4days beforehand - but the spanish speaking guide disappeared for nearly an hour and found us a man from the architecture museum and he took us on an incredible off the cuff tour- was one of the highlights of our holiday- but this was his first tour and was only because he spoke english and was free at the time - not sure if it's an accurate review of the walking tour that's advertised.



5 months ago

Excelente. reiniel es de trinidad, se nota que ama y ama su ciudad, conoce la historia de su país ya que es historiador, y logra transmitir todo esto con mucha calidez al visitante. lo recomiendo mucho.



6 months ago

We booked in advance for this tour and recurves a confirmation email but the tour guide never turned up. we came early and waited late but the tour did not take place.


Ana Oreiro

7 months ago

Fue un tour fantástico, reiniel es encantador y consiguió que mi marido y yo disfrutásemps muchísimo de nuestra visita. trinidad es una ciudad preciosa y muy divertida


Katherine Lazcano

7 months ago

Katherine and ernesto de australia dice:

reiniel was a very wonderful person went out of his way to make sure we were happy with where we were going and what we were doing . he is awesome kind caring humble and joyful. showed us the culture the food the people in all the different places we went. he even set up a schedule for us to follow as a guide line with room for us to shuffle it if we needed to. he and his team were absolutely fantastic i recommend him as a tour guide to anyone. we have so many photos to choose one is very difficult would prefer to have a few but here is one a little blurry but we had fun :-)

reiniel eres una persona fabulosa muchas gracias por todo lo que hiciste por nosotros. gracias de australia :-) katherine y ernesto


Edelis marin

7 months ago

Es algo super original, yo que soy cubana conoci muchas cosas sobre trinidad y cuba. los invito a sumarse.

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