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From Taksim to Galata-Pera Istanbul Sightseeing Walking Tour

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  • İstanbul
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About the guru TemaTour

A tip based tour with max 6 people, hence interactive and ensures you get the best Istanbul experience in the company of an expert local professional tour guide.

A tip based tour with max 6 people, hence interactive and ensures you get the best Istanbul experience in the company of an expert local professional tour guide.

About the tour

Experience the lively Taksim district under the knowledgeable eye of your guide. Veer away from the hustle and bustle of Istiklal Avenue to discover the beautiful side streets and historical passages that get missed by tourists and Turks alike.

This tour takes you into the heart of the modern section of Istanbul to be shown the unmistakable icons as well as the hard-to-find secret spots that make Beyoğlu-Istiklal Street so captivating.

Beyoğlu (formerly Pera) was the primary neighborhood of the foreign community as well as non-Muslim Ottoman subjects and gradually attained an European look with the arrival of foreign embassies. It is now the city's major entertainment district, full of bars, clubs, cafes, restaurants, and scores of top shopping brands.

Area is also famous across Istanbul for its outstanding street food but discovering good eateries in a big city is not always easy. Not to worry, as we stroll Istiklal Street, your guide will point out places to get the best local snacks and coffee, as well as show you the main points of interest along the way.

Our tour is the best way to really quickly get to know the Istanbul's Old European Quarter, that is why we recommend this tour any first time travelers to Istanbul.

• Discover the secret haunts of locals in Istiklal Street and explore the backstreets and hidden gems.

• Explore the Pera neighborhood and visit some of the hidden passages and streets including the Flower Passage, Hazzopulo, and Asmali Mescit.

• Learn about the Galata Tower, pay a visit to St Antuan Church

• See the Taksim district through a local’s eyes

( This tour is free and tip based, all our guides are professional, licensed and volunteer. You will decide the worth of this tour by your tips are given to your guides. )


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Meeting point
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How to find me: We meet in front of Republic Monument (Cumhuriyet Anıtı) which is right at the center of Taksim Square and one minute walk from Taksim metro station
Tour duration: 2 hours, 30 minutes

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Dan Nguyen

3 days ago

What a great tour!

Errol showed us all the cool nooks and crannies that only the locals would know about. He was very knowledgeable politcally, socially, and religiously. We had great conversations and he was also a very nice guy to talk to.

He gave us good advice on where to eat, shop, and see.

Would 100% recommend to anyone visiting Istanbul.

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