From 1st March to 30th October

The Banys de la Reina is an archaeological site located near the Salines in Calp (Alicante). It has three parts:

The Roman vicus is a Roman villa where only 25% has been excavated. It is located just behind the beach (totally full of weeds and enclosed by fences).

The Muntanyeta is a small thermal complex on the top of a coastal breakwater (just right of the cove).

The Roman hatcheries of the Banys de la Reina are a fish farm of that time excavated in the tuff stone. It has 6 natural pools of 165 m2 in total separated by natural rock walls that were communicated with each one, and with the sea through channels. These natural channels could be closed by sluice gates to prevent fishes from escaping.

Duration: 1:30 H

Recommendations: Water, trainers, sun cream, a cap and especially a camera

How much?

The amount given to the guides is completely open. Each traveler is free to decide at the end of the tour how much they want to contribute, depending on how much they liked it, and their economic possibilities.

In this way, we make sure that access to culture is possible for people of any economic level. And it also supposes an extra motivation for the guides, to continue improving day by day, and to make the experience more fun

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