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Visiting historical places of chorrillos

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In a first tour: In this city the war with Chile was developed, you will know the solar hill that was the main location of this event, we will see the monuments of the unknown soldier and other monuments that are on the hill, there is also the solar planetary system, El Cristo del Pacific, a monument donated by former President Alan García, there is a spectacular view of the beaches and the entire district of Chorrillos from the top of the hill, where you can take some beautiful souvenir photos, go down to the Laherradura beaches, meet the fishermen's wharf where the fresh fish, we will pass by the outskirts of the club regattas, and then we will see the green coast of Chorrillos in all its splendor with its clamorous monuments, there are boat rides in the dock for those who wish, leaving the beaches, we will go to know the ecological place of Chorrillos that are the marshes of Villa with a spectacular view of its ecosystem, we will pass by the outskirts of the center of high yield army who shows their tanks of war, we can have lunch in one of the many cevicherias of prestige that has the area, restaurant grills or Creole food. In a second tour we will visit Barranco, majestic district with many tourist places, museums, old houses, the bridge of sighs, its churches, we will see the old trams, there are many places to try Peruvian delicacies, museums, theaters, recreation areas, etc.

Creole food with Peruvian artistic show.

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How to find me: Previous appointment to 942854636 on the Grau de Chorrillos boardwalk in front of the entrance to Huaylas

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