Revolution Tour

Discover Cuba's revolution history through some of the capital's most historical sites and the story of the unique revolution led by Fidel Castro.

Starting with a panoramic trip at the Revolution Square, inspired by Charles de Gaulle square in Paris, France, where is located the highest point of the city, an awe-inspiring ''Mirador'', and symbol of the Cuban socialist revolution, this square, is one of the icons of the country and the history of Cuba. Also, you'll know more about the surrounding buildings and its outstanding monuments.

You will know what most non-Cuban will never get to know, a “bodega”, one of those governmental markets used for the distribution of rationed low priced food products to the Cuban people and see the price differences by visiting a fresh food product market (Mercado Agropecuario).

Stop by Hotel Sevilla in Old Havana to see and learn about the most famous mob men in Cuba who had Havana under control until 1959. Built in 1908, and with a cost of 560 000 cuban pesos, was the place where Al Capone rented the whole six floor and Santo trafficante jr. lived for 2 years, this place was the greatest shelter in havana for the mobsters. Also visited by many celibrities like, Joe Louis, Ted Williams and the Boston Red sox team, Enrico Caruso, Ernest Hemingway, who wrote the gloriously famous ''For whom the bell tolls'' in this Hotel.

We will visit the Revolution Museum, an astonishing palace built in the first half of the 20th century. Inaugurated january 31st, 1920. It was once the luxurious Presidential Palace of all Cuban presidents, from Mario García Menocal to the famous dictator Fulgencio Batista. With more than 30 exhibition wards and everything completely original, even the blood remains.

Finishing the Tour in Granma's Yacht Memorial, full of genuine pieces like, war airplanes, cars used by Fidel or Raul Castro, war tanks used by Fidel's army in Bay of pigs invasion, and the yacht of course, which was used by an expeditionary force of 82 men from the Tuxpan river in Veracruz, Mexico. This action would represent the beginning of a revolutionary process, culminating with the triumph of January 1st,1959.

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26 days ago

Knowledgeable, well spoken personable guide who not only provided info about the revolution but also life in cuba for the average person. highly recommend"



2 months ago

Charly fue un guia estupendo, fue puntual y nos contó todas las características de la ciudad en un larguísimo tour. gran trabajo el suyo, muy recomendable"



3 months ago

Very informative. he answered our questions and the questions we didn't even have. highly recommend him!"