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Located in the Province of Castille and Leon is a Spanish city that is not quite as popular with tourists as other Spanish cities, but it does have so much history and culinary treasures all hiding behind its famous, fortified Roman walls. The Historic Medieval Old Town of Ávila is perfectly preserved and was declared a World Heritage site by UNESCO. 

Thanks to the free tours we offer in Ávila which take you through the historic city’s streets, you can get to know all the important landmarks like the Fortified City Walls of Ávila, the Cathedral, the Four Lookout Towers with their magnificent views over the city, Saint Theresa’s Church, The Fortress Gates, the Market’s Square and much more. These guided tours are given in different languages and in a time frame that can adapt to the schedule of any traveler, available in the morning, afternoon, and evening. 

All of the free walking tours in Ávila have been reviewed and scored by other walkers who have already done the tour route and you can read their opinions online when you are choosing your tour. The tours generally last between 2-3 hours depending on the route you chose. If you’d like to do other guided tours in nearby cities, don’t forget to check out cities like Segovia or Toledo.

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