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Ian ... 01 Jun 2023

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Travelled in group - Jun 2023
Excellent knowledge local tour guide, with perfect English. Fantastic experience, learning about the local points of interest in the broader context of both the basque region and Spain as a country.
Free tour of the highlights of Bilbao in 2 hours
fede... 07 Apr 2023

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Travelled in couple - Apr 2023
La profesionalidad de María es encomiable; aunque los demás se dieron de baja, ella nos atendió a nosotros dos con todo compromiso. Por eso, muchísimas gracias.
The oldest Bilbao. The Seven Streets.
Denis 25 Mar 2023

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Travelled in group - Mar 2023
¡Buen trabajo Aitor!
Bilbao ESSENTIAL - Free Tour
Andrea 19 Feb 2023

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Travelled in couple - Feb 2023
Sin duda, un placer de guía. Nos ha enseñado la historia de Bilbao de forma amena y divertida, sin dejar a un lado los datos curiosos que de seguro recordaremos. Aún habiendo llegado tarde por habernos perdido, ella hizo todo lo posible por ayudarnos y conseguir realizar el tour, incluso enseñándonos más allá de lo previsto. Recomendamos hacer este tour a cualquier persona que venga a Bilbao y desee conocer un poco de su historia y pasar un buen rato.
Free tour Bilbao. The great transformation.
Rebeca 17 Aug 2022

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Travelled in family - Aug 2022
Alejandro es fenomenal
Free Tour get to know Bilbao step by step
Juan 19 Apr 2022

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Travelled alone - Apr 2022
Totalmente recomendable.
Les secrets du Vieux Quartier Bilbao / The secrets of Bilbao Old Town
Katja 03 Mar 2022

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Travelled alone - Mar 2022
Due to very heavy rain during our tour, Susan had to react and think of some orher ways to show the town to us. Which she did in a very nice and interesting way! Epharisto, Gracias and Danke!
The Old City of Bilbao and its history (in Greek)
anon... 28 Dec 2021
Reggio Emilia

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Travelled in group - Dec 2021
Abbiamo visto i punti principali di Bilbao con Eleonora.
Visit the main monuments of Bilbao
anon... 27 Dec 2021

Verified booking
Travelled alone - Dec 2021
I enjoyed my tour so much yesterday that I booked this tour this morning. What an amazing and unique tour. A joy to visit the road less traveled. You won’t find a more unique and enjoyable personalized tour than this.
Night Tour-The Walk of Memory, stories of the city and its people

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