Guru esperando a sus viajeros en el punto de encuentro del tour.

Jun 10, 2020

How to write the script for my tour?

A free walking tour is like a play: each word is of vital importance to transmit your speech in the best way and touch the emotions of your travelers. In this post, we will explain how to create an amazing script, which will be the bible of your journey. It will allow you to choose

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Travel book ready to have a travel to-do list put on a map of the world, with sunglasses and passport ready on the side.

Jul 17, 2019

The complete beginners guide to create an amazing guided tour

Thanks to this post, you will be able to create a guided tour in just 4 key steps. We explain the basics of each stage, but all the information is detailed in a full post that we strongly recommend you read.   1. Choose the main topic of your guided tour? The first step is to

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Two travelers looking at their mobile phones.

Jul 5, 2019

Tour description: What convinces travelers the most?

It’s so crucial to have the best tour description possible: it will bring you more bookings and will also draw a better picture of the reality of your tour, so that it matches travelers’ expectations. In this post, you will learn, step by step, how to write the best description of your guruwalk: let’s go! If you don’t

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