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Hallo, ich bin Lorenc. Ich bin ein Guru von Berat und ich bin eine lustige Person. Ich bin die Art von Person, die es liebt, Menschen aus der ganzen Welt zu treffen und mit ihnen zu sprechen, um ihre Geschichte, Philosophie und Kultur aus meiner Sicht zu teilen. Ich habe ein Restaurant in Italien geführt und viele Jahre auf den griechischen Inseln gearbeitet. In meiner Freizeit mache ich gerne Musik und singe. Ich besitze und arbeite in einem Haus, das mehr als 400 Jahre alt ist. Ich bin hier geboren und aufgewachsen und lebe derzeit hier.

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28 Oct 2023 Santiago de Chile
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Als Paar gereist - Oct 2023

Lorenc fue muy bien guía!! Fue un tour muy interesante, se ve que él sabe mucho de la historia del lugar! Nos mostró también su casa de 400 años, muy bonita! Aprendimos mucho con él y nos llevó a lugares a los que nunca habríamos llegado por nuestra cuenta ya que conoce a todo el mundo! Muy recomendado!!

22 Aug 2023 Vilnius
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In einer Gruppe gereist - Aug 2023

The guide send me a cancellation note at the time the tour had to start and I was already at the meeting point.

22 Aug 2023
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In einer Gruppe gereist - Aug 2023

WARNING to everyone! This is was unfortunately a painful experience in the beautiful city of Berat. I joined the tour with my friend, both of us from Egypt, only to experience a slew of aggressive/racist comments. Lorenzo really feels the need to share his ideologies, and every single position he has be it political, religious, or "philosophical", which was tiring and completely unnecessary. Literally in the middle of the tour he felt the need to comment on African migrants that should go back to their home countries and make a place for themselves there, right in front of us. He also kept needlessly being touchy with my friend, for some reason he thought that was okay, but with the italian ladies that were on the tour he did not come near them. I feel very upset this happened to us, to the people at Guruwalk, I want to say this tour is spreading hate, aggression, and pain rather than compassion, knowledge, and the wonder it is supposed to spread.

Antwort von Lorenc:
Salma ,,iam so sorry for the way you understand and get the vision that everyone like me ,,because ,i was for many years abroad ,,one day to go back to their country,,to make a place for themselves ,,what is wrong ,???where is the aggression ,pain here ???/so sorry ,,what is this ridiculous ,,warning ,,for what ,,we leave in democracy ,,and everyone has to think and speak free,,,why not to go back to give your experience to your mother land?/so i did ,,sorry you misunderstanded ,,
20 Aug 2023 Bedizzole
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In einer Gruppe gereist - Jul 2023

Tour prenotato da settimane. Il giorno previsto ci presentiamo con il corretto anticipo al luogo di incontro, aspettiamo ed aspettiamo, contattiamo inutilmente il guru ma alla fine non si presenta e non ci risponde. Pessima esperienza.

Antwort von Lorenc:
Hi Valentina ,,,iam so sorry ,,i was ill and so apologise not to respond to you,,i didnt check my email ,,,so sorry my regards ,,lorenc
15 Aug 2023 Rom
Geprüfte Reservierung
Als Paar gereist - Aug 2023

More of an unstructured stream of consciousness than a guided walking tour. Lorenc has lived in Berat his whole life and seems knowledgeable but is unable to transfer this in an intelligible or interactive way. He knows everyone in town, telling long animated, ultimately inconsequential back stories interwoven with some history so by the end you are not sure if he is talking about a neighbour or King Zog. Unfortunately, alongside talk of one nation Albania there is also a smiling ridicule of Muslims, immigration, country people. The only walking tour I have done when the group of strangers needed a debrief as soon as the guide had left. Quite an experience but not one I would want to repeat or recommend.

Antwort von Lorenc:
is better this things to say face to face ,,second ,you came in tour guide to learn about the city,but to teach me ,the history,,sorry this is not for me ,,i dont understand your tendency,,i didnt lived all my life in Berat ,very strange comment ,,

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