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Mein Name ist Shadi, ich komme aus Jordanien und habe in Amman gelebt und bin dort aufgewachsen. Jede Stadt hat ihre beliebtesten Sehenswürdigkeiten und jede Stadt hat mehr abseits der Pfade. Auf der Hidden Amman Free Tour werden wir in mysteriösere Teile der Stadt eintauchen. Bereiten Sie sich darauf vor, Ihrer Stadtrundfahrt in Amman eine Vielzahl von Bildern hinzuzufügen.

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20 Aug 2023 Hamburg
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08 Aug 2023 Tarragona
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In einer Gruppe gereist - Jul 2023

Shadi fue un guía profesional y magnífico. Tuvimos un problema personal con un móbil, y él se mostró super honesto y nos ayudó muchísimo con todo y poder solucionar el problema. Sin él no lo hubiéramos conseguido. Lo recomiendo al 100% para toda la gente. Tiene un inglés perfecto y muy fácil de entender y además es una persona super super divertida.

21 Jun 2023 California City
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Allein gereist - Jun 2023

I had a layover in Amman for 19 hours, didn't know what to do and spontaneously decided for this nightlife tour - and they rocked it: cool bars and clubs, we had a chance to go to Uroof on 21 floors awesome guide (thanks to shadi) and fun people from young to old. Definitely worth it, shadi is amazing person really funny, it was great thank you

16 Jun 2023 Kopenhagen
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Allein gereist - Jun 2023

27 May 2023
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Allein gereist - May 2023

I guess I got an off night if I’m comparing it to previous reviews. We went to two places then I ended up leaving as I don’t feel comfortable getting in a car after the tour guide/driver has had 10+ plus drinks! Wasn’t really a tour either, just felt like an excuse for the tour guide to go out drinking and spend all his time on his phone.

Antwort von Shadi:
First of all I have already mentioned in the description where we will go and it's not my problem if you don't read it. Second i had only 3 drinks not 10+ and because I'm with you in a tour that doesn't mean im supposed to ignore my phone calls, we have done the tour as it was mentioned.

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