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Hallo, ich bin Jóhannes! Ich bin 48 Jahre alt, ich wurde auf den Färöern geboren, aber ich lebe jetzt in meinem 12. Lebensjahr in Kopenhagen in den Schönheiten dieser wunderbaren Stadt. Ich liebe es zu reisen und andere Reisende zu treffen. Eine Umarmung!

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12 May 2024 Sydney
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Allein gereist - Apr 2024

Johannes knows his stuff and the walk was both very enjoyable and very informative. I didn’t know a lot about Kierkegaard beforehand but it was thought provoking and also a good way to see another side of Copenhagen. Thanks very much Johannes!

31 Mar 2024 Brüssel
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Als Paar gereist - Mar 2024

Johannes is very knowledgeable and fulfilled our undestading of Copenhagen history, philosophers and tells in a fun and interesting way! He has a PhD , loves what he does and you can feel how much he enjoys sharing the beuties and tales and philosophy hidden in the landmarks of Copenhagen! Thank you for the lovely tour!

30 Mar 2024 Dortmund
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Allein gereist - Mar 2024

It was a wonderful tour, that I wouldn’t have wanted to miss. I thought by myself, who could better talk about Kierkegaard than Jóhannes. Iam a fan of Kierkegaards philosophy, but I was even more touched by the way j. Talked about it, I actually had at one point tears in my eyes. I think, that speaks for itself. Thanks for this adventure Erika

Jon Moore
30 Mar 2024
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Als Paar gereist - Mar 2024

Great tour. You’d regret not taking this if you are into philosophy. We took the general Copenhagen tour earlier which covered a lot of the same territory but in a very standard way compared to Jóhannes’ tour. Jóhannes showed cool nooks and crannies which we would have never spotted ourselves along with a nice narrative.

17 Sep 2023 Paris
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Allein gereist - Sep 2023

Great tour! I learned a lot about the life of the author and his philosophy as well as Copenhagen history! Highly recommend

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