Free walking tours in Donostia-San Sebastian

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Best things to do and see in San SebastiƔn

San SebastiĆ”n is considered one of the most spectacular cities in Northern Spain. Located in the Basque Country and on the rugged coast of the Cantabrian Sea, it offers a mix of both beach and mountains that few cities have, with spectacular landscapes rising high above the beaches of La Concha and Ondarreta, lying next to Mount Urgull with a beach promenade that stretches along the cityā€™s bay which is highly recommended. In addition, in the Old Town, there are numerous restaurants that offer unique, award-winning local cuisine. 

When choosing which places to want to see, you can get some prized advice from your local guides who know the cityā€™s secret charms perfectly.  On a free walking tour in San SebastiĆ”n, some of the many highlights include the Cathedral of the Good Shepherd, the Basilica of Our Lady of the Choir, the Mirador del Monte Igueldo, the sculptures located in the Peine del Viento, (the Wind Comb) Miramar Palace, a visit to the Aquarium and the port of San SebastiĆ”n, the Kursaal Congress Palace as well as taking a walk along the Urumea River or the Maria Cristina Bridge.

If you have any questions about the route or the tour guides, you can see the online opinions and reviews of other travelers who have done a guru walk in Donostia-San Sebastian with a local guide. This way you can choose the best tour for you and start having some authentic traveling experiences. There are tours available in the morning, afternoon, and evening to choose from. In addition to the guru walks here, there are other routes available in nearby cities like Oviedo, GijĆ³n, LeĆ³n or LogroƱo.