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Soy un tour leader oficial. Soy también inmigrante en Europa, físico y astrónomo, padre de una chica adolescente, ciudadano del mundo, preocupado por el respeto al medio ambiente, interesado en una vida saludable en un mundo cada vez más interconectado.

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Opiniones (982)

Elana 26/09/2021

Atahualpa was a phenomenal tour guide! We’ve been on many walking tours all over the world and this was the best one we’ve ever been on. Extremely knowledgeable and happy to answer questions. It was clearly that the tour route and sights are meticulously planned by Atahualpa to maximize the experience. Tour groups are small and the experience feels personalized. Definitely do (at least) one of his tours if you’re in Florence!

Simina 24/09/2021

Atahualpa is a super knowledgeable, nice and fun guide. While waking up early in order to take part to this tour was a bit painful, it was totally worth it. Visiting the not so touristy places with the help of proper explanations is a unique experience which makes you enjoy Florence even more. Concluding, we totally recommend taking this tour with Atahualpa! You’re not gonna regret it!

Christian 21/09/2021

We had a great time with Atahualpa! He shared great details of all relevant sights in a very entertaining way!

Grace 18/09/2021

Respuesta de Atahualpa
Thank you very much Grace!
Theresa 16/09/2021

Respuesta de Atahualpa
Thank you so much Theresa!

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Opiniones (982)