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I'm a physicist, immigrant in Europe, astronomer, father of an adolescent girl, world citizen, concerned about the environment, seeker of a healthier life in an increasingly entangled world.

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Yolanda Álvarez

4 hours ago

Magnífico tour


John Wilson

8 hours ago

Great tour, we saw parts of Florence we might not have found on our own and were taken to vantage points for great views of the city. Lots of shaded alleyways and lanes which was a great help on a really hot day. Interesting historical facts and figures, in fact more would have been even better.



8 hours ago

Great tour! We loved the fact that it started at 8:30 since we missed the scorching sun and the crowds. The tour was informative and a great introduction to the city’s lesser known areas. Our guide was knowledgeable , respectful and interesting. We would encourage anyone (if you enjoy walking) to book with Atahualpa!