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Historical center walking tour

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Sobre el guru Lost in Athens team

We are a group of passionate Athenian citizens. Living and working in the historical center for a life time, besides of our art and history knowledge, we know all the happenings before they even happen...Our goal is to make you love Athens city the way we do!

We are a group of passionate Athenian citizens. Living and working in the historical center for a life time, besides of our art and history knowledge, we know all the happenings before they even happen...Our goal is to make you love Athens city the way we do!

Sobre el tour

Hello dear visitors! I'm George and it will be my pleasure to be your guide in this alternative downtown tour of the historical center.

With my team you'll see the best of what Athens has to offer, in this amazing city tour. It's a fully detailed guided tour that will take you through the major historical part of the city and will uncover for you all the history behind the today's view in an alternative and interactive way!

The tour begins inside the Syntagma metro station, where will visit the metro Museum with the famous artifacts from the daily life of Ancient Athenians, that came to light during the construction of the metro.

Will then continue on to the House of the Greek Parliament, the Monument to the Unknown Soldier where will watch the changing of the guards, a classic but sacred moment of our city tradition.

Our tour continues towards the National Gardens and onto the neoclassical building of Zappeion Mansion, the worldwide famous ceremonie's hall.

Will, then, meet the Presidential hall at the famous Herodou Attikou str. and will pass to reach the Panathenaic stadium, the place where the Olympic games took place at the first time, in the ancient times.

From there we walk towards the Philopappos Hill under the sacred Hill of Acropolis through the beautiful pedestrian walkway of Dionysiou Areopagitou. The tour ends at Philopappos Hill, where will have plenty of time to take pictures on the Pnyx Hill and enjoy the wonderful views down to the city of Athens or continue your walk till to reach the exceptional Thisio neighborhood.

The tour is free of fees/charges based mainly on tips and donations

Included: personal guide

Not included:drinks,meals,snacks,tickets

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Como encontrarme: Syntagma metro station, at the ticket's level,under the hunging clock.

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Opiniones (9)



hace 1 mes



hace 3 meses

Amazing walk for the most important and iconic turis places of athens. giorgios is really professional and tells you what u really need to know about the places!!! great !



hace 4 meses

Great pleasant, knowledgeable, intelligent recommended



hace 6 meses

I would recommend this tour, especially for your 1st days in athens as it gives a great orientation of the city central. we were lucky as the other 3 didnt show up so we ended up with sort of a private tour from george. he is so knowledgeable. he arranged the route really well and ended the tour with a superb vista of athens around sunset! he knows where and how to take good pictures! he also gave good recommendation of restaurants and other places to visit. thanks george!



hace 7 meses

George is a very passionate and kind guide, he makes this walk around part of the city a relaxing activity and he gives us a lot of cultural references. he explains very well and very thoroughly the history (both ancient and modern) of athens. the tour also offers beautiful views of the main highlights of the city. he is open to any questions you may have and does his best to answer them all.



hace 10 meses

George is a wonderful guide: he loves his city and he's incredibly knowledgeable not only on classical history, but also on the modern history and urban development of athens. you will get a very heartfelt view of the city, and see it through a wide lens with both its good and bad sides. most of all, george is very warm and a pleasure to talk to: he welcomed all my questions and we got to delve into larger conversations connecting the spirit of athens to life today. highly recommended!



hace 11 meses

Guruwalk is amazing website, it helps me alot in athens to discover the city



hace 11 meses

I had a great tour with lost in athens. the guide, george, guided me for approximately 3 hours and gave us interesting facts about the history and architecture of major sights in his city, but also referenced to the greece of today, its challenges and its culture. the tour was very well organized and george was a very welcoming and professional guide with profound knowledge. i can highly recommend the tour.



hace 1 años

He tried to explain history and showed me the best point to take pictures

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