Bhaktapur Day Tour

Bhaktapur is much larger and more spacious than Kathmandu's and much less crowded with temples than Patan. Bhaktapur Durbar square is one of the seven UNESCO world heritage sites located in the Kathmandu valley. Some of the most popular monuments golden gate, peacock window and Nyatapola temple are main attractions. Victorian illusrations show that it was that it was once packed with the monasteries,temples and artistic building, almost one third of which were dsetroyed by the earthquake of 1934. The Bhaktapur Durbar Square contains many temples and others architectural ones like Lion Gate, the statue of King Bhupatindra Malla, the picture gallery, the Golden gate, Nyatapola temple (Built in 1702 AD), the palace of 55 windows (Built in 1700 AD), Dattatraya temple (Built in 1427 AD), Bhairabnath temple (Built in 1718A AD), the Batsala temple and the Bell of the Barking Dogs and many other ancient monuments.

Before the unification of Nepal, Bhaktapur was an independent principality ruled by the Malla Kings, who were very much devoted to religion, culture and art. During the period many magnificent temples and mansions were built. This period is remembered as golden period in the Nepalese art and remains a unique example. The ancient Royal palace is remarkable and an excellent example of 18th century architecture made by king Bhupatindra Malla whose statue stands in front of the Golden Gate. Around the Durbar square the curio shops, woods and stone carvings, thangkas have become a good attraction.

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