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Free Tehran Walking Tour

Tu guru: Katya
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Tehran Walking Tour covers Tajrish, one of the major and busiest parts of Tehran. While the Grand Bazaar is the center of the historical part of Tehran, Tajrish is the starting point for exploring the north of Tehran, whether it`s Tajrish Bazaar and Imamzadeh Saleh Mosque, Sadabad or Darband hiking and recreational area.

Here are just a few things we`ll do at Tajrish Walking Tour:

- Visit the second major shopping place in the whole Tehran;

- Try on a chador;

- Try traditional yummy street food;

- and much more!

The tour takes around 3 hours. Recommended departure time is 3pm, however, it can be changed depending on your plans - just contact me to fix the time YOU are more comfortable with!

Free Tehran Walking Tour is free, but any donations are always appreciated but never required.

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Como encontrarme: Let`s meet at the door of Tajrish Post Office in the beginning of Maghsoud Beyk/ Darbandi Street

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Es obligatorio reservar antes de asistir, porque si el guru cree que no ha reservado nadie ese día no acudirá al punto de encuentro, o si ese día tiene demasiados 'walkers' puede no permitir que te unas al grupo. Reservar es super fácil, rápido y totalmente gratis. ¡Reserva tu guruwalk ahora!

Opiniones (4)



hace 8 meses

Special thanks to Katya for her warm and friendly accompany. She has a good knowledge about the area we visited. It was really interesting to see some historical places in a part of Tehran that most of people may think, is very new. Well, I recommend to take the chance and have a tour with Katya.



hace 9 meses

Really nice girl, I walked with her throughout Tajrish, felt more like a walk with an old friend rather than the usual free walking tour. I highly recommend Katya for her work.



hace 1 años

I enjoyed a tour with Katya. we not only had a long walk and cover a few interesting neighbourhoods, markets but she took me to a very authentic food place and we had an amazing talk. I found it fascinating to talk to an expat living in Tehran. Thanks Katya and sorry it took me that long to write the review ;-)



hace 1 años

I absolutely recommend a tour with Katya to other travelers. I was with my boyfriend Giuseppe. She welcomed us then we walked together for more or less 3 hours. Not only she speaks a very good English but she is also very passionate and attentive showing you the city. She let us introduce ourselves and ask our questions then she lead us to interesting places in Tehran providing us a local perspective. We also needed to take a present for our hosts and she gave us the best suggestion.

At the end of the tour we were satisfied and happy to give Katya a good donation to say thanks for the amazing time she dedicated to us. Thank you Katya

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