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Are you interested in the secrets of the Medici family? Do you want to know the story of the construction of the biggest dome of the world? Do you know why the David of Michelangelo was sculptured to be in Signoria's square? If you are curious about all these facts or you have more questions about Florence: sign in and join us! The guides are licensed tour guides of Florence and you will find a friendly and easygoing atmosphere.

This tour is TOTALLY FREE, no tariff is applied. If you like the tour, you can leave us a tip or a review to support our project. Our goal is to give everyone the possibility to discover our city.

Punto de encuentro
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Como encontrarme: In front of the statue at the square San Lorenzo-there is only one:). We`ll have a red scarf on our bag.
Idiomas de tour y horario:
  • Gb Inglés | Martes, Jueves, Sábado | 11:00
  • Gb Inglés | Sábado

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