Matt In a Hat Tour

Welcome to the Matt in a Hat Tour, I would like to invite you to join me for a genteel stroll through the city of Sofia. A city that embraces the ancient, the modern and the downright odd. I am in love with the city and hope to convey some of this genuine enthusiasm as we go.

During the 2 hour tour (approximate time) I will give you an overview of the history of Bulgaria (the brief version of the 8000 years) and some of the history of Sofia the city. The tour will also come with a printed Bulgarian language survival sheet to help you on your way after the tour and a smattering of amusing anecdotes from the cities history and my own experience.

We will start just outside the exit of the university metro station and we will walk through the park up to the Alexander Nevski Cathedral(where if you wish may have a look around, all information will be given outside the building to respect the peace of the interior). Then we shall walk past the church of St Sofia, through the market next to the Shipka monument. Then down in front of the Russian Church and along boulevard Tsar Osvobodeetel and along to the National Ethnographic Museum(here there will be the opportunity for a brief souvenir stop I am happy to help and advise you though the people in the shop have excellent English as well).

From here we will cross over into city park and walk where I will point out some of my favourite sites and then down to the Bulgarian National theater. Then we set off around the back of the archeological museum and past the presidency where you will get to see the ceremonial guards holding position and looking very impressive. From here we go down into the underground and start to explore the ruins of Serdica.

Once we have finished there it is back to the surface where I will point out the numerous impressive sites with some more information. Finally we move on to the bath house. Throughout the tour I will be giving you information about the sites we are seeing and I will try to guague your specific interests so that we can spend the most time on those subjects. If you have any questions about the tour or any personal requests please get in touch and I will see what I can do.

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  • Gb Inglés | Martes, Jueves, Sábado | 11:00, 16:00