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About Girona

Catalonia has a large number of cities and places of great interest for tourists, especially for those looking to plan a short-term getaway to a destination of marked medieval character, where tradition and modernity come together to offer one of the best tourist experiences of the country. The city of Girona fully meets these requirements, thanks to a rich heritage and a more than interesting gastronomic, cultural and leisure offer.

Located in the northeast of Spain, it is the capital of the province, and is located in a privileged area of ​​great beauty, surrounded by several rivers such as the Oñar, the Güell, Ter and Galligants. It is famous mainly for its beautiful old town and its impressive Cathedral, which has been the protagonist of the popular Game of Thrones series. This city is perfect for a weekend getaway, to know the large number of monuments it has and enjoy its tasty cuisine such as the "Potatoes of Olot", the "Rice of Pals", or the "Botifarra" of marked flavor candy.

Those people who arrive in the city and do not know what places to see in the city, it is recommended that they sign up for the free walking tour in Girona, one of the best ways to make the most of the stay in the Girona capital. Some of the essential places to visit are mainly in the historic center, the "Barri Vell", one of the best preserved examples of the medieval city. Here it is possible to know the famous Jewish Quarter, the Rambla de la Libertad, and the popular Plaza de la Independencia. Other recommended sites are its spectacular Wall, the Parque de la Devesa, the curious hanging houses on the Oñar River or one of its most famous bridges, such as Piedra or Gómez. The most famous stop in this city is undoubtedly the Cathedral, stairs and its great cloister; a building started in the eleventh century that has managed to combine different styles; from the stylized Gothic, the baroque or the typical Romanesque, the Gothic and the Baroque. Other recommended stops are the Arab Baths of the twelfth century, with their different rooms of cold and heat; A highly recommended construction and in excellent condition. Fans of museums have a great opportunity to approach and get to know one of the most interesting exhibitions at the Cinema and the Masó.

If you want to tour the city by the hand of great professionals, with several years of experience showing visitors the wonders of this Catalan corner, it is advisable to resort to free tours in Girona, an excellent alternative to traditional excursions, and an appropriate way to soak up the essence of this beautiful city.