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Hi everyone!

First of all, many thanks for choosing Morocco as your holiday destination. We wish you a happy and nice stay in our country.

We are a team of creative and experienced guides with fresh new ideas who are (almost literally) in love with what we do. We are looking forward to showing you this wonderful city in a professional and funny way.

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08 Oct 2022 Belfast
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Travelled in couple - Oct 2022

Mohamed did an excellent job of showing us around the old town of Marrakech. Excellent instructions on where to find the meeting point, super professional and polite. He was able to tell us about the history of the place and show us the souks, mosques and royal palace from the outside. The tour lasted a couple of hours and he helpfully showed us where the best places to eat was as advising us what is worth a visit (and what isn't!) Overall I was very impressed with the experience and would recommend!

Response from FreeRed Tours
Thanks a lot Peter for your lovely feedback 🙏🏻
06 Oct 2022 Seattle
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Travelled alone - Oct 2022

Mohamed is very knowledgeable not only about the sites but also of details, legends and historical insites. He is so knowledgeable about the rich history that he even has many funny jokes! There are some very pleasant surprises he shares on the tour which you will have to take. He shares many tips and recommendations and I learned a lot! highly recommended 5 stars 🌟

06 Oct 2022 Denver
Verified booking
Travelled alone - Oct 2022

Mohammed walked us through the different area of the old town in Marrakech, from the main mosque royal palace, Jewish quarter and medina. He was very informative explaining particular details about the culture and features of the city and extrapolating them to the overall country of Morocco. We learned about culture, religion, architecture, clima, food, labours, and many other interesting topics!

06 Oct 2022 Poole
Verified booking
Travelled in group - Oct 2022

28 Sep 2022 Belfast
Verified booking
Travelled alone - Sep 2022

This Free Tour by far is the best I had. Mohamed is a really knowledgeable & friendly guide. He did answer every question I asked and helped me organise tye rest of my travel plan in Marrakech. Highly recommended! Thank you Mohamed 😊

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