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"Greetings, I am Tum, a seasoned tour guide with 5 years of experience. My passion for travel is deeply intertwined with my appreciation for connecting with individuals from diverse cultural backgrounds. It is my earnest desire to serve as an ambassador, introducing visitors to the wonders of my hometown, Chiang Mai – the very place that has shaped my identity and growth.

Through my guidance, I aspire to offer an immersive and enriching experience, allowing guests to delve into the cultural tapestry of Chiang Mai. I am devoted to fostering a genuine understanding and appreciation for the rich heritage, traditions, and scenic beauty that characterize this remarkable city.

I look forward to the prospect of sharing this journey with you, fostering meaningful connections, and creating lasting memories as we embark on an exploration of the captivating Chiang Mai."

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06 Jun 2024 La Plata
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Travelled alone - May 2024

Great experience. Jakkrit is super kind.

05 Jun 2024 New Delhi
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Travelled in couple - Jun 2024

Jakkrit did a great job of showing us all the local street food places - we sampled a lot of small bites . Jakkrit was very helpful and he’s a great guru

25 May 2024 London
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Travelled in couple - May 2024

Was the perfect tour for us. A chance to safely eat new and delicious foods. Explore different night markets with a really nice knowledgeable guide. We didn’t even have to walk as Jakkrit took us around in his car. Excellent experience 👍

23 May 2024 Kinghorn
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Travelled in couple - May 2024

100% recommend this tour - lots of fun and laughs, delicious food and information. Thank you!!

22 May 2024 Grand Rapids
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Travelled in couple - May 2024

Great tour! It started to rain right before our tour started so TuMm took us on the tour in his car. He answered all of our questions and easily accommodated our diet as we are vegetarian. It is clear he knows a lot about Chiang Mai and showed us many places that we might never have found or heard about. Thank you, TuMm

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