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Lisbon chill out free tours is a group of local guides who are proud of their city and love to show it to its visitors. We’ll take you to see the city through our own eyes and get to know it through our own perspective.

We are the only independent free tour in Lisbon, working since 2009, and we don't have any deals with other business and external funding, since we’ve learned that is the only way to keep independent, genuine and honest, so we are free to recommend the real local deals.

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12 days ago

I had the good fortune of having Mariana as my Spanish tour only was she was extremely polite and helpful but She had a very clear and interesting way of explaining the historical and cultural life of Portugal. I highly recommend it.



14 days ago

Interesting tour. Great way to see Lisbon's old town. Our tour leader had a great knowledge of Portuguese history, and told us some interesting stories.



14 days ago

I have joined many free tours but this one, in Lisbon, was a real disaster. I think the name of the guide was Pedro. After some delay we stood more than 25 minutes at the square which was our starting point, listening to him. The talk was not really bad but we came to see the city. We moved slowly to other places, and listened again to long stories. The sites we saw were the standard ones mentioned in all the guide books, filled with hundreds of tourists. After an hour we quitted and went on our own, sorry Pedro.