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FreeDam Tours was founded in 2016 with the mission not to be the biggest, but the best walking tour company in Amsterdam. We are a collective of experienced guides with fresh new ideas who are (almost literally) in love with what we do. So much so we created the ideal formula for the best free walking tour in Amsterdam: one containing the perfect mix of historical depth to make you knowledgeable, compelling facts to make you think again, and personal anecdotes that will make you smile. A tour that speaks to the free spirit of Amsterdam – FreeDam Tours.

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Ratings (581)

Caro 12/28/2021

The tour was super interesting and well researched! I got many information that I didn't k ow before and the guide was also fun and all in all very good!

Iuliia Kyiv 12/20/2021

It was a really nice tour, Sam is a wonderful guide, we had a lot of fun, I would recommend to everyone!

Beatriz Málaga 12/19/2021

Karel was a great tour guide! He told us many stories about many places in Amsterdam in a historical and funny way at the same time. Thank you for the tips and for the snack! I totally recommend it!

Mitzie Farum 12/19/2021

The Best walking tour i have experienced. And I am a big fan. Sam was very present and an exiting narrator, leading us through the history in all the nuances and the more fun facts in a well balanced and personal way.

Nicules Rosendahl 12/18/2021

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Ratings (581)