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Eugenio (Eugene).

I am Eugene, local guide with a lifelong love affair with this city Roma.

For the past 17 years, I've had the privilege of guiding curious souls through the enchanting streets and hidden wonders of Rome.

My approach to giving tours has always been far from conventional, for I believe that the heart of this city beats in its stories, its art, and its history. My passion for art, history, and archaeology burns brightly within me.

I see Rome not as a mere collection of monuments, but as a living canvas of humanity's past. I've spent countless hours studying the intricacies of Roman art, delving deep into the annals of history, and excavating the layers of this ancient city to unearth its secrets.

What truly sets me apart is my ability to spin a tale. I don't simply rattle off facts and dates; I weave narratives that transport my guests back in time. I want them to feel the drama of gladiator battles in the Colosseum, the whispers of intrigue in the Roman Forum, and the grandeur of the Vatican through the ages. I want them to walk in the footsteps of emperors, artists, and visionaries.

My tours are not scripted; they're living stories that evolve with each group I guide. I've love my craft and keep my audience engaged, making every twist and turn of Rome's history come alive before their eyes. My animated storytelling style is more than just words; it's a performance that leaves my guests enthralled.In this city of eternal wonders, I strive to unveil its hidden treasures.

I take my guests off the beaten path, down narrow alleyways and into forgotten corners where time seems to stand still. It's in these moments that Rome's true spirit reveals itself, and it's my privilege to share these discoveries with those who choose to follow me.

For 17 years, I've been on a journey of discovery and storytelling in the city I hold dear.

Rome is not just my home; it's my muse, my canvas, and my greatest love. And a long as there are curious souls eager to explore its depths, I will continue to be your unconventional tour guide.

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21 May 2024 Thessaloniki
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Travelled in couple - May 2024

This tour was one of the best walking tours I have ever taken! Fun and knowledgeable he was also very professional. He helped us understand and connect Roman history with the discussions&questions! Briefly Eugene was a great!

20 May 2024 Morón
Verified booking
Travelled alone - May 2024

El mejor guía muy recomendable buena información y re bien explicado

20 May 2024 Caballito
Verified booking
Travelled in group - May 2024

Amazing tour!. We really value all the information and knowledge share for eugenio. Super recomendable

20 May 2024 Buenos Aires
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Travelled in group - May 2024

Excelente el tour con Euge, se nota que le encanta lo que hace además de que comparte todo lo que sabe :) Muy interesante y el muy divertido. Daban ganas de seguir por muchas horas más! Por más gurues así! Gracias Eugenio!

19 May 2024 Buenos Aires
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Travelled in couple - May 2024

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