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Hi! We are Yasemin and Çağatay. We are English speaking licensed professional tour guides who were born and raised in Istanbul. We combine our experience in the field with our endless passion for our beloved city to create the best experience for tourists from all over the world.

Make yourself a favour and book one of our walking tours.

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Ratings (85)

Silvia 09/25/2021

Totalmente recomendable

Lana 09/25/2021

If you stay at Kadıköy area this is definitely the tour you should visit in the beginning of your vacation! The guide will show you specific places for each kind of Turkish food and where it is best in the area. This tour was very informative for people, who want to discover modern Istanbul and see where and how locals live. The guide is very friendly and can answer all your questions as a local!

Peter 09/23/2021

Great tour

Dalal 09/23/2021

Having done a few tours in Istanbul, I found this guide to be super interesting, fun, knowledgeable! I highly recommend it!!!

Dragana 09/23/2021

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