Hi, I am Panos, have been working in the tourism industry and just like you I love to travel. I also like to talk about my favourite subjects, History, Philosophy, Politics, Arts and Sciences etc.

Athens gave a lot to the Western World and i would like to explore with you the interesting stories of my birthplace as well as its rise and tragic fall. How did they achieve so much in so little time? And most important, what can we learn today from them?

(For the virtual tour, keep in mind that you may ask a time that is more convenient for you, just send me a message with your email and your suggested hours!)

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Scary Venice - a virtual tour of the mysteries of the city 06/13/2020

A virtual tour is of course totally different than an actual, physical tour...it's not easy to "feel" the aura of the locations, especially for such a tour. Andrea however does a very good work in transmitting such a feeling among the many interesting stories he shares and it is the best alternativ to beeing there! I would recommend it to anyone stuck in home due to the covid19!!!

Response from Andrea
Thank you Panos, it has been a pleasure!