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Tati em Lisboa

Once I read a proverb 'Home is where your heart is'. And so I had followed my heart and it brought me to the city to which I had always belonged - Lisbon.

Welcome to Lisbon! Or, as the Portuguese would say, Bem-Vindo a Lisboa! My name is Tatiana but you can call me Tati.

The girl who would most probably marry this magical city if it was an option. The girl whose biggest passion is to constantly keep discovering hidden beauties of this fairytale. The girl whose phone's storage is full as it hides photos of all the Lisbon azulejos, miradouros, and trams. All those Lisbon treasures, take her breath away, no matter how many times she has already seen them. The girl who would love to show you Lisbon from her eyes. From her point of view. From the perspective of a Slovak girl, who came here originally for two months but ended up dating Lisbon for already 2 years now.

This girl is me! And I would be so happy if I could show you all the places, views and cuisine and tell you all the interesting stories through which Lisbon got my heart!

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22 May 2022 Senec
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Travelled alone - May 2022

The walk with Tani was amazing! We met 4 girls and it was a great fun ride :-). Tani prepared the circuit according to our ideas, introduced us to the places we wanted to see and the places she likes and which you have to see. She talked about the history and attractions of Lisbon. If you want to experience a walk around Lisbon tailored exactly to your ideas, take Tati em lisboa. You are guaranteed success.

09 May 2022 Prague
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Travelled in couple - May 2022

Tati em Lisboa is amazing guide who’s loves Lisbon. Modern and style lady who know important and unusual information about city and history. She show us local places and secret view points in Lisbon. Recommend us a typical Lisabon places who a lot of people don’t know, just the local people know. Recommend us a good plans for rest of our stay in Lisbon.

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