About Fatima Zahra

Hello everyone. It is me Fatima Zahra, but you can call me zaara as it is my nick name. I am from Rabat, the capital of Morocco. I am an artist graduated from Bollywood academy in India and

I speak 3 languages, Arabic, English and Hindi. I used to live in India for cinema and yoga, after my graduation in acting at Anupam Kher's acting school, I did a yoga teachers course in the oldest school in mumbai created in 1918 called The yoga institute Mumbai. After that, I came back to my country and worked in theatre and currently I am doing blogs on youtube.

I am a vigorous person and I love getting in touch with different types of people from different cultures, that is why I am here. Me, and another host, who is my friend suggested to me to join guruwalk because we both share the same spirit and passion. In the tour, you guys can have a free yoga session or if you are in love with indian dance it would be a great pleasure for me to share my passion with you .

Adil, my friend who speaks two languages which are french and german will join us to show you the beauty of our city. We both are so friendly and peaceful souls and I am sure you will enjoy our company ;)

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