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Free Walking Tours in Florence

We are a group of friends and Florence's licensed tour guides. We are in love with our city and we would like to share this love with you. That's why we have decided to offer some tours to let the travelers discover the wonders of our magnificent hometown. Our passion, enthusiasm and professionalism are our strengths and the perfect ingredients to let you experience Florence through the eyes of a local.

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Ratings (1574)

Javier 09/16/2021

Christian 09/16/2021

Nina 09/16/2021

Nadja 09/16/2021

Grazie di tutto Manuel!! It was so much better than we expected, we could notice that he simply adores his city.

Sarah 09/16/2021

Manuel was a great tour guide. This tour is a great way to get to know the history of Florence and the best areas to visit!

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Ratings (1574)