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Hello !!!. You found me !!! I am the guru you are looking for, a hard-working, kind, responsible and handsome mulatto!!! With some years of experience in tourism. LOL. My name is Luis Manuel, I speak English, French and Italian. I work for a Cuban travel agency from November to April; Guide groups throughout the island and the city of Havana. Tours managed by other people. What I propose here is a dream come true!!! Thanks to Guruwalk who made me create this tour ": the birth of a nation" fruit of the passion for the history and culture of my country, countless hours of rest and leisure stolen based on the tour We include anecdotes, stories, in Havana . Old Havana was on the verge of disappearing in the 1950s and skyscrapers would have emerged from its ruins. Thanks to several institutions and people it was possible to recover this part of the city that we show you; there is still much to save. We show you a city that revives. oh!!! Very important. The Tour is organized as follows: English: Monday and Tuesday Italian: Wednesday and Thursday Spanish: Friday and Saturday Sunday: Rest... If these schedules do not suit you. We can fix it. They can also be in the afternoons or on Sundays. EVERYTHING clear previously organized !!!.

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