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Charlie Ruiz Tours... don't be a Guiri and feel the magic of enjoying Barcelona as a local!!!

Following the Top10 list of "you must do/visit" is way to easy but you will never get involved by people's energy. Do you really want to walk by through Barcelona streets and not leave the footprints of your heart in this amazing city?

Taking lots of pictures will help you get a nice album to show to your family and friends but that is the same as collecting nice images with no feelings or emotions. Yes indeed, you visited a new city and you can say "I was there" in the same way as if you sit and watch the film but jumping actively into the screen and becoming the main character of that movie is much more exciting.

Plus, there are hundreds of libraries and excellent History books to learn more about the city but I'm completely sure you're expecting much more right? You could even get over collapsed by lots of data and information that you could also read or find on Internet, Google and Wikipedia. But this is not what my tours are about.

Moreover, are you the type of person wanting to live new experiences and adding new emotions to your visits and trips?

Why should visiting Barcelona become just one more place to mark on an endless checklist of places to visit? Let's make a difference out of that!

Don't you prefer creating the best story of your life? How about being the Genious of the lamp and see how the holidays of your dreams come true?

Play, live, experience and feel the magic of enjoying BCN as a local with the best Tour guide you could ever imagine.

Did you realize that you are now on a one way direction road to happiness in Barcelona? You've just got your ticket as a Dream-maker and about to see how you are about to FALL IN LOVE WITH BARCELONA!!!!

CHARLIE RUIZ WALKING TOURS is your best option!!!

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Ratings (131)

Hassiel West Palm Beach 01/11/2022

The tour was incredible, the sights were unlike anything i’ve ever seen. Our guide Charlie was so knowledgeable regarding everything about the neighborhood we were in. Would highly recommend

Fabián Barcelona 12/21/2021

Vanina Madrid 12/19/2021

Charlie es un genio, sabe muchísimo! Tuvimos la suerte de ir solos con el y realmente nos ha mostrado una cara de Barcelona que no tiene desperdicio. Además como nos gusta la fotografía ha orientado el recorrido hacia paisajes y vistas INIMAGINABLES! (...y nos ha tenido muchísima paciencia para que sacáramos fotones, hay que decir todo). Si estas pensando en elegir este recorrido, HAZLO! no te vas a arrepentir para nada.

Barry Walnut Creek 12/16/2021

Luis Madrid 12/07/2021

Grupo muy grande para un solo guru.

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